Our lead-generating Adwords services include:


  1. Industry, Competitor, Keyword and Geo-Targeting Research
  2. Campaign Creation - Search Network and Display Network
  3. Keyword Specific Ad Group Creation - 10-20 in total on average
  4. Text Ad Creations - 4 per ad group for Ad A/B testing purposes
  5. Display Ad Creations
  6. Keyword Insertions
  7. Negative Keyword List Creation & Insertions
  8. Sitelink Extensions
  9. Call Extensions with or without GCF (Google Call Forwarding)
  10. Callout Extensions
  11. 3rd Party Call Tracking Set Up (if needed, with CallTrackingMetrics)
  12. Google/Bing/Yahoo Conversion Tracking Code Creation
  13. Google Remarketing Tag Creation
  14. Proxy Site Creation - If you choose to go this route


 Campaign management

  1. Week-over-week, month-over-month, year-after-year performance reviews.
  2. Search query reports to see what your visitors are typing into Google to find your ads and site and new keyword additions based on this data, both positive and negative.
  3. Ad A/B testing, performance review and identification of winning ads. Text ad updates.
  4. Keyword performance review and bid adjustments to position ads on the 1st page.
  5. Keyword bid adjustments (up or down) based on performance.
  6. Cross referencing of keyword performance against Google Analytics data. Pruning of keywords with low times on site, high bounce rates, poor CTR and/or weak conversions.
  7. Continued new keyword research and additions.
  8. Campaign settings reviews and adjustments to help ensure proper ad distribution and targets being met. • Keyword performance analyzing to identify and prune out underperforming keywords and ad groups based on pre-set benchmarks for CPC, Cost, CPA.
  9. Dimensions data review (e.g. geographical locations, time of day, day of week etc.) and adjustments to settings to improve performance.
  10. Opportunities reviews for possible adjustments that will improve overall campaign performance.
  11. Automated rule creations to assist with performance, ad positions, budget allocations etc.