As a business owner, you often have a lot on your plate that can make you feel as though you are working 24/7. While this isn’t likely the case, you may find you just don’t have the time to keep up with your content marketing among everything else. There is often a lot of content writing involved that can make it difficult to write fresh content on a regular basis. Whether you choose to hire an SEO company to help you or you complete the work on your own, learning how to stretch your content marketing to its maximum efficiency will benefit your business.

Recycle Your Content
No, you shouldn’t simply repost your best blog posts from the year before or even two years before. However, you can repurpose the content you are particularly proud of to achieve greater traffic and replicate your results. You can create new uses for the content you have already created, though. For instance, you can take that stellar blog you wrote a year ago and send it to your email list. Or you can change the format of the blog altogether and rewrite the content.

Use Social Media Creatively
Most content marketing on social media means creating a post that points to the content writing on your website or blog. While this method can be effective, you can often do better by being creative about how you use your social media sites. Instead of simply linking to content you have written and posted elsewhere, use social media to build relationships with your customers and potential customers. A solid relationship will naturally lead to more visits to your website where users will see the content.

Make Your Followers Work
You don’t have to do all the content marketing work yourself and neither does your content writing services. Instead, turn to your followers when you create something you really want to share with everyone. When you find that piece you really want to share, ask your followers to share it with the people in their circles. As long as you don’t make this request often, you are likely to achieve the final results you desire.
Content marketing may be an involved process that requires the help of a content writing service. Whether you do the work yourself or bring someone in to help you, it is important to make sure all the content works its hardest so you don’t have to worry about writing as much. With these methods, you will be able to obtain the traffic you desire for your site.