Content writing isn’t something you learn once and are able to do without making changes as the search engine algorithms change. In past years, SEO writers were trained to write for paid blog networks, as well as to create links in link wheels and spin content to post in multiple places without triggering plagiarism detectors. Today, these techniques no longer work as they once did. The following tips will help writers use the newest SEO techniques for the greatest effect in the rankings.

Guest Posting
Attaching a blog to your website can be one of the most effective ways to build links and bring visitors to your website. However, you shouldn’t solely focus on your own blog. Guest blogging is becoming a useful tool SEO writers use to get information about their business to a targeted audience. To exercise this technique, writers must find blogs that are related to their website without being a direct competitor. The writer then creates a blog post to include on that site that will offer a link back to the writer’s website to generate traffic and benefit both sites.

Social Media
Social media has changed the face of content writing entirely. Today, more people are turning to social media for more than just keeping in touch with family and friends. Through the use of social media sites, business owners make posts to generate interest in their business and draw in a circle of followers. When those followers share or “like” their posts, the exposure the website receives is even greater.

Content Marketing
Another popular trend among SEO writers and their content writing is content marketing. Unlike other types of marketing, though, content marketing doesn’t work to sell your products or services. Instead, this type of marketing is designed to attract the attention of your current and potential customers through informative posts. When you provide useful information to Internet users, they will view you as an expert in the topic, making them more likely to turn to you when they need what you offer.
SEO is constantly changing, requiring SEO writers to stay on top of the latest trends to help websites rank well to generate more traffic. Not only will staying on top of these trends in content writing bring in more traffic, it will also provide targeted traffic that is more likely to turn into conversions for your site rather than pointless traffic.