Many companies seem to think they can employ content writers and immediately see the results they are looking for in the search engine rankings. Unfortunately, content marketing takes time to achieve the success many companies desire, which often leads companies to give up on their SEO writers too quickly. Once you under why this process takes time, you will find you are more patient with the SEO team you hire.

Analyzing Your Competitors
Competitor analysis is a critical aspect of your content marketing plan. If you are working with SEO writers who don’t put in the time to see what your competitors are doing, you have a higher risk of failing in your SEO efforts. However, taking a close look at what your competitors are doing will allow your SEO team to develop a plan that will help you stand above and beyond your competitors so customers turn to you instead.

Google Algorithm Considerations
The Google algorithm is always on the lookout for websites that don’t meet the proper standards to rank well in the search engine results pages. When your SEO writers put your content marketing plan into action, you aren’t going to see your results right away. Google is incredibly wary of any website that suddenly obtains many links, assuming they have been obtained through improper practices. Therefore, your SEO content marketing team will work slowly to ensure your site isn’t flagged by the search engines.

A Changing Process
Not all SEO tactics work the same for all companies. When you work with a team of SEO writers, you need to understand their process may involve some level of trial and error. Once the content is created and the SEO tactics are employed, analytics are required to monitor any changes to your sites traffic and to determine if the plan is a success. Sometimes minor adjustments need to be made, while other situations may require major improvements. Determining if these adjustments are needed will take some time to obtain and evaluate the analytics.
Expecting immediate results from your content marketing plan is unrealistic in most situations. Instead, your SEO writers need time to analyze the tactics used by your competitors so you can stand apart from them. They also need to take it slow to avoid raising flags with Google and other search engines, monitoring the progress of your plan so they can make any necessary changes to obtain the best results for you and your website.