With all the changes Google keeps making to its Panda algorithm, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with what website owners need to do to avoid being penalized. However, when you understand what the goal of Panda is and what changes are being made, you can maintain the rankings for your site. All you need to do is make some changes to the way you create your content so you can reap the benefits of the algorithm changes.

Quality Content
The bottom line for search engine optimization that won’t be penalized by the Google Panda updates is quality content. There are many important aspects to quality content. Keyword density is just one part. You need to make sure your keywords are relevant to your website topic, and you need to use them naturally. Google prefers natural. In addition to the keywords, though, it is important to make sure the content is informative and useful to your readers. This is one of the changes. Google is targeting websites that actually help the user.

Fresh Content
Another area Google is focusing on is fresh content. When a website offers the exact same content, month after month, with no changes, the website becomes boring. People aren’t apt to visit it again. Google wants to encourage website owners to keep their content fresh and updated. Therefore, the Google Panda updates seek out websites that are updated frequently with content that falls under the quality standards set. This means the content must be informative, original and contain updated information.

Back linking and other links have long been used as a way to generate traffic. As part of search engine optimization, these links can be quite useful. With the changes to Google Panda, you will need to make changes to the way you link, though. If the links you use in your blog or other content simply go back to your homepage, you need to rethink that. Links should go to other relevant content, either on your website or another website. Anywhere you post links to your own blog or content, make sure it goes to actual content, not your homepage. In addition, make sure you use different phrases as your link anchors.

Getting your readers involved is another winning tool for Google search engine optimization. Websites can get readers involved in so many different ways now. Make sure you make your content shareable through social media so your readers can share their good find. If you have content on a blog, keep commenting open. This will allow you to generate natural back links and provide your readers with a tool to communicate with you.
The bottom line with the Google Panda 3.5 update is to reward websites that are user-friendly and informative. Search engine optimization done right should provide that. Making sure your content is visible at the top of your page and having easy-to-follow links will provide you with the ability to maintain and even improve your Google rankings, despite the Panda updates.