5 Ways Poor Content Writing Can Harm Your Inbound Marketing

Everyone has encountered websites that are put together so poorly they instantly turn you off and cause you to make a mental note to never visit the site again. This is not a good thing. When it comes to your website, you will not enjoy the benefits of inbound marketing if your site is filled with poor content. To ensure the success of your web content marketing, you may need to hire writing services that can make sure your content is the best quality. If you don’t think your poor content is impacting your website, consider these ways it may be hurting your business.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Without solid web content writing, your website has a crumbling foundation.

1. Lack of Inbound Links

Linking is one of the best ways to bring in traffic. While you can easily link from your site to other parts of your site, it has an even bigger impact when those links come from other established websites. Those who have a larger number of inbound links take full advantage of the benefits of inbound marketing. However, if your content writing isn’t up to par, no one is going to want to associate themselves with your website. This can cost you higher rankings.

2. Lack of Sharing

Part of web content marketing is getting people to share your content with others to increase your reach. The key to getting a larger number of shares is to have content that people enjoy reading and were able to gain some value. Having bad content on your site won’t encourage people to share what they have read. They will simply move on to read something else and potentially share the content of your competitors instead.

3. Lack of Rankings

One of the most harmful effects of poor content writing is the lack of rankings your website will receive. It is true that the Google spiders look primarily at the keywords they find on websites, but this isn’t the only factor. Google has released numerous Panda and Penguin updates that are designed to filter out the low-quality content writing and increase the rankings of sites that have better content. This is perhaps the most important reason to hire content writing services to ensure your content does well.

4. Lack of a Reputation

While you might get a poor reputation in exchange for your poor content, this isn’t the image you want for your business. AS a business owner, you realize how important it is for individuals to view your website in a positive light. If you don’t take the time to make sure your content offers value to your readers, you are showing them you don’t really care. Once you have a bad reputation, it is going to be more difficult to recover.

5. Lack of Traffic

In the end, having poor web content marketing is going to mean less traffic for your website. People are looking for fast, accurate information online. If they don’t find the quality they expect when visiting your website, they will remember that in the future. This means they are less likely to return to your site. This reduction in traffic is counterproductive to the typical benefits of inbound marketing. Don’t allow bad content to drive traffic away from your site and directly toward your competitors.

What Can You Do?

If you have been suffering from the negative side effects of poor content writing on your website, it is time to consider hiring content writing services to help you brush up on your content. The first thing a content writer should do is evaluate the content that is on your site against what your competitors are using. If your competitors are ranking better than you are, it is obvious their work is getting the job done. The writer can then move forward to improve the content that is already on your site to make a difference. Placing focus on positive web content marketing can boost your traffic and thus increase your sales.

With the right writing services, you can see your website soar beyond what you could have imagined. When your website isn’t ranking well, it is easy to blame it on the amount of competition that is out there. However, if you take the right steps to remedy your situation, you can see the increases in traffic you desire. You don’t have to suffer the negative consequences of bad web content any longer.

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