What Does Your Web Content Writing Need to Rank with Google’s In-Depth Algorithm

In the past, Google rankings didn’t really consider the depth of an article when ranking it. Because more people are looking for in-depth information when they search the Internet, Google has launched an “in-depth” algorithm that brings this type of web content writing to the surface. This new algorithm is an attempt by Google to give Internet users exactly what they are looking for when they want it. The results are designed to follow the context of what users are seeking.

The right content marketing plan will include in-depth content.

So what does this mean for you? It means you need a content writer from a content writing service who is able to create the in-depth content Internet users are looking for. As part of your content marketing strategy, you need to learn what Google is looking for and how to bring your in-depth content to the surface. With this algorithm, websites that may not otherwise rank on the first page of the results are rising to the top.

What Does Google Consider to be an In-Depth Article?

The first thing you must examine is what exactly Google considers to be an in-depth article. In the past, we content writing meant short content that got straight to the point. While this type of content is still critical, balancing that out with in-depth content is now a necessity as well. The initial launch of the in-depth algorithm places focus on the more recognizable brands on the Internet, but Google promises this will change as the algorithm becomes better developed. Therefore, it is best to get a content writer working on the type of web content writing Google is looking for.

The type of content Google is looking for is content that is original, thorough and well researched. They also seem to favor content that doesn’t consist of straight promotion. The content should also be evergreen, which means it is relevant now and in the future. Google is looking for content that is between 2,000 and 5,000 words. As long as about 10 percent or more of your content is this length, you will increase your chances of ranking through this algorithm.

What Other Factors Are Considered?

In addition to the length of the content and the information it covers, Google considers other factors in the algorithm as well.

  1. Rank – Content that was previously not ranked high may appear on the first page of the results through the in-depth algorithm. There will still only be 10 results per page, including any in-depth results on the subject.
  2. Markup – This term refers to the basic markup that is used in articles to attract the search engines. This includes headlines, images, descriptions, alternate headlines, pagination, authorship, publishing date, logo and more. Google prefers content that includes all of these things, but missing just one aspect will not necessarily penalize sites.

What Is Absolutely Necessary?

Before you start working with a content writing service, you need to learn what should be included in your web content writing. Google is looking for:

  • Relevant Content – Content that is relevant to your topic and keywords is essential as always. However, when your content writer is working on a piece, he or she needs to make sure the topic is covered as thoroughly as possible. Google doesn’t want a brief overview.
  • Images – Everything you post, whether on your website or in other locations, must have at least one image. Search engines will crawl and index your primary images to show up along with your content on the results page.
  • A Unique Spin – Google is looking for articles that are thorough but offer a different spin on the topic. They are looking to give a boost to content that has already attracted an audience and will add a new layer of depth to the topic to best meet the needs of those who are looking for information online.

Investing in a content writer through a content writing service can offer you an advantage over your competitors, particularly in regard to Google’s in-depth algorithm. This algorithm is attempting to add more depth to search engines so Internet users can find the information they are looking for.  Making this type of web content writing part of your content marketing plan will increase your chances of building more traffic and generating more leads for your business.

We can help you build your in-depth web content writing to help you rank better. Contact us today to find out how!