Why Dentist’s Offices and Other Professionals Need Blogs

Marketing your business online has become an important aspect of many types of businesses. Dental offices are no different. Most dentist’s offices you find use a website to detail their services and provide prospective patients with the information they are looking for. Many of these dentists use SEO copywriting as a way to bring more traffic to their site. However, is it enough to simply have a good website? The answer is often a resounding “no!”

Image courtesy of Gregory Szarkiewicz / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Dentists and others with static websites need a blog more than others.

How Do Rankings Work?

The first thing you need to understand is how rankings work. When you hire a copywriter to do your content writing, he will write content for each of your site’s pages that uses the proper density of keywords that are most likely to bring traffic to your site. The Google and Bing bots then crawl your site and take note of these keywords. As long as your website offers unique content that offers valuable information and is written well, this will help you rank better on their search engines. This is not the only way for marketing your business to stay successful.

Isn’t Site Content Enough?

When you first put up your website, your site content is often enough. The bots will see the new content on your site and look through it to determine how well to rank your site. You will see a boost in traffic, making it easy to feel that all is well. When it comes to dental offices and certain other professions, this will create a long-term problem. This is where a good blog can help boost your traffic and improve your online marketing efforts.

Dental offices and similar professions have a static list of products and services they provide. This means you aren’t likely to add product pages that create easy content writing opportunities for your copywriter. While you can keep changing the content on your site, this isn’t always the best use of your time and resources. However, when you don’t change the content, the bots will ignore your site and cause you to lose your spot in the rankings. A well-written blog can reverse this issue.

What Can a Blog Offer?

If you haven’t considered using a blog before, you are missing out on an opportunity to establish yourself and draw the attention of your target audience. A blog is not a promotional tool by definition, but it does have the effect of bringing in a highly-targeted audience. Instead of promotional content like your website, the SEO copywriting that is placed in a blog is informational. It is designed to give your readers important information about your industry and paint yourself as a leader in that industry. The goal is to create a solid following and convert those readers into patients for your office.

Blogs are also constantly changing. It is important to constantly add fresh content to your blog to keep people coming back to your site. If you don’t have the time to handle the blog yourself, you can find a good content writer who will keep your blog filled with unique, compelling content. Adding a new blog post once a week or even several times a week can attract the attention of the search engine bots and encourage them to keep or improve your rankings to drive more traffic to your site. This is an excellent alternative when the rest of your site content is fairly static.

Tie It into Your Marketing

Business blogs are not meant to stand alone. When you are marketing your business online, you need to use more than one avenue to reach a larger audience. For instance, social sharing is important to include in your blog. Your readers can then easily click on the social sharing buttons and send your blog to a family member or friend or even post it to their entire social network. With the right content writer, you can build a large following.

Does your dental or other professional office need a blog? The answer is quite simple. If you want your website to reach a larger audience and you want to attract new clients, it is important to keep your search engine rankings and traffic up. With a static website like most dental offices and other similar professions, you need a blog to keep a steady flow of quality fresh content that will continue to attract both the bots and your target audience.

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