Why You Need Web Content Writing Instead of Blank Pages

Have you ever browsed the Internet looking for information, only to come upon a page that is almost entirely blank? If this page appeared on the first page of the search engine results, it may be tempting to think you may be able to achieve the same thing. However, these rankings are often the result of older scans when the page did have content. There is no legit way to rank well with blank pages. For this reason, you need to hire a content writer for your web site content.

Blank Pages Use No Keywords

One of the most important reasons you need to consider finding an article writing service to fill your website with content is the keywords. A blank page has no web site content and thus has no keywords for the search engines to index. The search engine spiders will crawl your website and won’t find anything to index. This will result in no rankings for your website. Some individuals may try to send numerous links to this page or use other search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help these pages rank better, but if Google catches the site in this behavior, it can lead to blacklisting the entire site. This is not a good position for any website to be in.

Blank Pages Can be Considered Duplicate Content

Duplicate web site content is a major problem. Any good content writer will tell you that content must be completely unique to ensure it can rank well with the search engines. When most people consider this, though, they consider actual content that is present on websites. No one really considers the blank pages. The definition of duplicate content is more than one page that is identical or close to it, especially when they are on the same website. If you don’t have an article writing service to fill up your web pages, you stand the chance of triggering a flag for duplicate content. Adding unique, quality web site content to your blank pages will increase your SEO rankings more easily than the blank pages could.

Blank Pages Don’t Add Value

A basic principle of SEO is to make sure your web site content adds value to your site. You don’t want to hire a content writer from an article writing service who will only pack your content with the keywords with little relevance to what your website actually offers. When you have blank pages on your website, you will only serve to frustrate your readers. If people visit a website, they expect to get the answers they have been looking for. After all, that’s the purpose of ranking well on the search engines. The blank pages that are on your website add no value to your site and could even drive traffic away from your site, never to return.

You need quality web site content to drive traffic to your site.

Blank Pages Can Harm Your Reputation

Imagine if you went to a website that you felt you could trust or you were interested in buying something from them. As you browse the website, you see there is no content on some of the pages. What would this lead you to think? Many Internet users are browsing the Internet for information, products or services because they don’t have the time to shop in person. If they are disappointed because you don’t have the content they are looking for, they will feel as if you don’t care for your customers and don’t have the time to put in the effort to create a website that meets their needs. They are more likely to move on to one of your competitors. If your goal is to help people remember you, they will. Unfortunately, they will remember you for all the wrong reasons.

Blank pages instead of web site content on your webpage can harm your rankings with the search engines and your reputation with your potential customers. The page will not rank well due to the lack of keywords, may be considered duplicate content and will offer no value to your viewers. In addition, they can harm your reputation with the audience you are trying to reach. If you have pages with no content, hire an article writing service so a content writer can populate those pages with quality content that will help your rankings, rather than hurt them.

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