Web Content Marketing Should Include eBooks

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses published white papers and similar content on their websites to offer more in-depth information to their customers. Today, eBooks are becoming a fast-growing trend that all businesses should consider. When you hire content writing services to help with your web content marketing, you can easily use this sleek method of providing your audience with more detailed information than ever before. The right content writer can use his article writing skills to create a compelling, interesting eBook that can help you generate leads and build an audience.

EBooks are critical for your web content marketing strategy.
Offering eBooks gives you the ability to generate more leads with your web content marketing.

The Advantages of eBooks

There are many advantages to offering your readers eBooks instead of the older methods of long-form content. While white papers and other similar content can be useful to your readers, content writing services are turning to offering eBooks as an alternative because they:

  • Establish your company as a leader in your field.
  • Give you the ability to offer more information to your readers.
  • Create a starting point for other types of web content marketing.
  • Deliver branded information to a highly-targeted audience for better results.
  • Increase your search optimization.
  • Offer user-friendly content that is searchable.
  • Target an audience that is likely ready to buy.

Choose Your Topic

Once you make the decision to offer an eBook to your readers, it is time to evaluate your topic options. For starters, you need to determine what your target audience is most likely to need. When you find a need you can fulfill, you are more likely to reach your audience so you can give them the information they seek and achieve all the advantages above. If you aren’t careful about the topic you choose, you will not attract the audience you are looking for, reducing your chances of success. After you have a topic, your content writer can start with basic article writing techniques to put together a quality eBook your audience will enjoy reading.

Best Practices for eBooks

As your content writing services strive to create a compelling eBook that your readers actually want to read, they will utilize the best practices for eBooks. The following list will help you follow along as your writing team creates a valuable eBook that is more likely to convert into sales for your business. The primary purpose of this type of web content marketing is to generate leads that will convert into easier sales to make less work for your business.

  1. Use short, compelling titles that will attract user attention on the cover. The cover should also be attractive to the eye for the best results.
  2. Make the eBook easy to find for the people who are more likely to benefit from reading it.
  3. Keep the eBook as simple as possible, while making it attractive. Remember that individuals will access this book from various devices and browsers, which may change its appearance.
  4. The most compelling eBooks are likely to contain lists, examples and tips to give examples and keep readers interested.
  5. Use links throughout your content to take readers to your third-party resources, as well as internal links on your own site to tie everything together.
  6. Implement social media into your eBook with social media-friendly links directly in the content.
  7. Use blog posts and social media accounts to promote small parts of your eBook before you release it.
  8. Collaborate with other industry leaders to add value to your content and increase the chances of cross promotion on their websites.
  9. Include a call to action at the end of the eBook so your readers will want to act upon the information they just read. The call to action should relate directly to the topic of the eBook.
  10. Give readers access to your eBook in PDF and embeddable versions to make it easier for individuals to share the eBook.

Releasing an eBook is not a trend you should ignore. These eBooks are easy to read and give individuals more information than typical web content writing or blog posts. Many content writing services now offer this option to their customers, giving you a better way to generate leads and help your potential customers find what they need. Through these effective web content marketing tools, you will reach a better audience that is more likely to convert.

If you are interested in creating a compelling eBook to establish yourself as an industry leader, contact us to learn how we can help you build an eBook that will convert leads into sales.