Easy Fixes to Common Website Content Blunders


Proper website content writing boosts your traffic.
When you avoid the common website content writing mistakes, you can boost your traffic.

Most website owners are aware that they need to pay attention to their website content writing if they want their site to be successful. A good content marketing plan is needed to draw traffic to a website and increase the number of sales the company can make. Unfortunately, when you aren’t using the right content writer, you could be using improper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that can lead to penalties for your website, making it more difficult for your audience to find you.

Keyword Misuse

One of the biggest problems website owners encounter with their content is misuse of keywords. This can exhibit itself in several ways. For instance, some companies don’t take the time or make the effort to try to find the right keywords to fit their website. If you are using irrelevant keywords in your website content writing, you won’t generate the targeted traffic that can benefit most from your website. In addition to choosing the wrong keywords for your website, if your content writer is simply stuffing the keywords in places where they don’t create fluid content, you will find the search engines penalize your website.

Duplicate Content

When search engines crawl your website, they are looking for more than which keywords you use. They are also looking for content that may be the same as another website. This can appear due to one of two problems. First, if you have taken the content from another site, even if you have slightly reworded it, it will trigger duplicate content flags, hurting your content marketing efforts. Secondly, if another website steals your website content writing, it can trigger the same flags for your website. For this reason, it is also important to check that your content is unique to your site alone.

Text from Outside Sources

Believe it or not, it isn’t just the content you or your content writer creates that can affect your content marketing negatively. If you use an auto generator to create some of your content, it will not read the same as if a person wrote it, creating problems with your website content writing. In addition, if you leave your blog posts or site content open to comments from outside users, spam and irrelevant links can hurt your rankings. Comments are a great way to interact with your users, but it is important to screen them before they post to make sure they won’t hurt you.

Not Using a Keyword Enough

While most people seem to have a problem with using their keywords too much, some website content writing doesn’t use the keyword enough times. Using your primary words just once or twice in a whole piece can lead to reduced rankings on the search engines. Your content writer should understand that keywords should be used at a density of one to two percent for the best possible results in the search engines. Any more or less could have a negative impact on your content marketing results.

Poor Content

Another major blunder website owners often commit is posting subpar content on their site. Even though many individuals will not actually read through the content on your site, especially not with an editor’s eye, it is important to make sure all of the website content writing on your website is only the best quality. It may cost more to hire a content writer who can create the right kind of content for your site, it is well worth it in the end because it will rank better with the search engines and leave a better impression on your readers.

Having a quality website for your business is essential if you want to succeed in today’s world. This means you need good quality website content writing to help you rank well in the search engines. Unfortunately, many website owners don’t use the right content writer and end up making critical mistakes that can cost them rankings and reduce the impact of their content marketing plan. Evaluating your website for these issues, as well as others, can help you realize the mistakes that have been made and correct them so you can enjoy greater success from your website in the future.

If you aren’t seeing the results you desire from your website, contact us to work with a qualified content writer who can help you remedy these mistakes and move forward in the right direction.