Ways to Optimize Your Online Video Content Marketing

Video is important to content marketing.
Make sure your video is optimized for your content marketing plan.

Optimizing your website so it appears on the first page of the search engine rankings is about more than choosing the right keywords for your content writing. Many websites now use other digital media, particularly videos, as part of their web content marketing. Because the search engine spiders will look at all aspects of your web content, it is important to make sure your content writing company can also help you optimize your online video assets. This will increase your chances of ranking higher with the major search engines.

If you are attempting to improve the searchability of your video content, it is important to follow these five tips for the best results.

Use Your Keywords

Keywords are just as important to your video content as it is to your content writing. However, search engines won’t be able to identify spoken words or even words that appear on the screen in your video. You should use your keywords in the:

  • URL
  • File name
  • Title
  • Tags
  • Link text

You should also have your content writing service write a brief paragraph describing the video. This paragraph should also use your keywords. The proper use of keywords will also enhance the user experience.

Use Video Sharing Sites

When you use videos for your content marketing, you don’t have to limit yourself to posting them on your website. Whenever you post a video to your own site, make sure you also post it to a video sharing site to increase its exposure. Before you do this, make sure you optimize the videos on the hosting site, typically YouTube, as well as on your channel, to ensure they can more easily be found.

Implement a Linking Strategy

Links are equally important to your video content as it is to your content writing. The more external links that lead to your video, the better it will rank in the search engines. Internal links are also important to this strategy. As you create and implement a linking strategy, you need to:

  • Cross-link to other videos.
  • Link to relevant webpages and blog posts.
  • Use social media to link to the video.
  • Bookmark the video.

Encourage Sharing

Making it easy for your viewers to share your videos can have a major impact on your search engine rankings. In addition to offering social sharing buttons, you also need to make sure your content writing service is creating videos that will lead people to want to share it with their family and friends. Make sure your video is relevant to your site, entertaining and informative. You can also increase the chances of sharing when you:

  • Allow commenting on the video.
  • Implement social sharing buttons.
  • Offer multiple platforms and speed options for optimal viewing for all users.

Use Your Videos for Multiple Purposes

You may already be using your written content in multiple ways to best serve its purpose, bringing in potential customers and offering useful information. You can do the same things with your videos as well. Using your videos in multiple places throughout the Internet can help you build a following and show the search engines that your videos are worth ranking. To re-purpose your video, you can:

  • Imbed it into your blog posts.
  • Break up longer videos into a series of smaller ones to keep people coming back.
  • Use the transcripts form videos to create blog posts and web content for your site.
  • Post screenshots from your videos on photo sharing sites.
  • Take offline content videos and transfer them into digital formats online.

Your content marketing needs to consist of multiple types of content to help increase your search engine rankings. When you work with a content writing company, they will help you create a marketing plan that will increase your rankings and help you draw more traffic to your website. Videos have become an important way for you to reach your audience in a way that is appealing to them. However, you still need to take the right steps to make sure they find your videos. With these tips, you can ensure your video content is just as optimized as your content writing.

If you need help optimizing your video content for your content marketing, contact us. We will look at your content and help you make the most of it.