Ask a Question to Increase Social Media Activity

Asking questions can benefit your inbound marketing.
Ask questions on your social media to enhance your inbound marketing plan.

Social media sites, particularly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, have become an important avenue for businesses to use as part of a quality inbound marketing campaign. This is because many individuals are now using social media sites to connect to their favorite businesses, as well as to their family and friends. For these reasons, social media is an important avenue to tap into. Your copywriting service can help you create a social media campaign that will have a greater impact on your business.

How Effective Can a Question Be?

A simple question posted to your social media sites can be an effective way of luring your users into more interactions with you. In fact, asking your followers to answer a simple question can increase your interactions by about 15 percent. This may not seem like a great number, but any increase can have an exponential impact on your business. The great news is your question doesn’t have to be complex or require a long answer. For example, any type of poll will encourage your readers to respond so you can use their answers in new ways to improve marketing.

Ask the Right Questions

While just about any question related to your business can be effective, you will have greater success when you utilize common questions that start with the words “when,” “where” and “should.” These words have a history of eliciting more responses than many other words that are used to start questions. The word “would” is more likely to generate “likes” for your question, while “why” should be avoided because it offers the least number of responses.

Place Questions at the End of the Post

If you are posting longer posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, you should give your readers some background information on the question you want to ask. In these situations, your copywriting service should position your questions at the end of the post instead of the beginning. This increases the likelihood that individuals will remember to post an answer.

Building a Relationship

Building a relationship with your readers is one of the most important aspects of your inbound marketing campaign. Whether you use the help of a content writer or your own staff, you need to come up with questions that will make your readers think in addition to showing them that you have their interests in mind. Anytime you take the time to interact with your readers, you are demonstrating that their business means a lot to you. This can be critical in building a relationship with your customers.

Find Out What They Want

Asking questions through your social media sites is a great way for you to find out what your readers want to know. Post a question of the day or the week and collect the answers you get from your readers. These answers can become excellent topics to give to your content writer for writing your blog posts. Once your followers become familiar with the dates and times that you post your questions and they see that you are taking their responses into consideration, they are more likely to interact.

Gain Even Greater Visibility

When you make the effort to engage your audience, you will do more than simply elicit informal responses from them. In addition to answering your questions, your followers are more likely to “like” or “share” your question, making it more visible. If someone clicks one of these buttons on your social media pages, it will automatically become visible to all their friends as well. This can give you an even greater reach and draw more traffic that may not otherwise be exposed to your business.

Social media is a critical aspect of your inbound marketing techniques. If you aren’t already using social media, it may be time to start. If you have been using these useful websites, it can work to your advantage to learn how to use questions to draw more interaction from your visitors and followers. This type of interaction can give you valuable information you can use to improve other aspects of your inbound marketing.

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