Generate Leads with LinkedIn

Use social media for your content marketing.
The effective use of LinkedIn can boost your content marketing results.

LinkedIn is a social media site designed to help business people connect with other business people. However, it is also a great way to generate leads for your company if you learn to use it correctly. Even if you don’t think you have the time to maintain a LinkedIn profile as part of your content marketing, it can be worthwhile to have your copywriting service maintain it for you. With the right steps, you can find leads more likely to translate into sales.

Connect Your Twitter Account

Did you know you could connect your other social media sites directly to LinkedIn? When you connect your LinkedIn profile with your Twitter profile, everything you post on Twitter will automatically show up in your LinkedIn account as well. If you prefer, you can also set up to post only those Tweets that have a hashtag in them.

Participate in Relevant Groups

Businesses that make use of the group functions on LinkedIn will find they generate more leads through this avenue. Search for groups that are related to your business and join them. However, you can’t simply join groups and expect to see success. You will also need to be active in these groups. Create new posts and reply to the posts others are making to promote your business and network. The key is to avoid using sales language, which will not be effective.

Use Applications

Most people who use LinkedIn are not making full use of the applications available. In fact, many people don’t even realize they are there. Like the applications that are found on Facebook, the LinkedIn applications allow you to dress up your profile and give it a more personal feel. This can help you better connect with potential customers.

LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is an area on the site allowing individuals to ask questions and get answers from other users. Make sure you frequent LinkedIn Answers so you can identify questions that relate to your business. Take the time to answer some of these questions, letting individuals know that you are an expert in your field and can fulfill their needs. If you obtain a number of starred answers, other uses will begin turning to you, providing you with qualified leads. Your copywriting service can handle this aspect of your marketing.

The Mobile Version

Taking LinkedIn on the go can give you greater flexibility with your content marketing. While LinkedIn mobile may not seem like an effective lead generation tool, it could be a major player in the future. Business cards are currently the ideal way to share information with business contacts. However, with an increase in the use of smartphones and mobile applications, these cards could quickly be replaced by something like LinkedIn Mobile.

Use Analytics

You may already be using analytics for other aspects of your content marketing plan. For instance, you likely track the traffic that comes to your website and blog. Why wouldn’t you also want to know what type of traffic is visiting your social media profiles? LinkedIn makes it easy for you to connect your analytics to your profile so you can see who has looked at your profile and build leads from this information. When people show repeated interest in your company, you can feel more comfortable contacting them.

Get Everyone Involved

In the past, it was easier to have one person control your company page on LinkedIn. Today, there are new controls that allow you to assign access rights to employees so they can help keep your LinkedIn updated, as well as make posts and answer questions. This allows you greater flexibility and ensures everything is handled in a timely manner.

Add the Recommend Button

LinkedIn also features a Recommend button that makes it easy for users to share content they find and would like to share. Make sure you add this button to your profile so you can increase the number of leads you generate. The more people who click this button, the more people will ultimately see the content you post.

LinkedIn is a valuable content marketing tool every business should be using. However, there are many aspects of this social media site that you may not be taking advantage of. Your copywriting service will be able to help determine what you can do with your LinkedIn profile and start generating the leads you desire.

If you need help managing your LinkedIn page, as well as the rest of your content marketing, contact us for more information.