Get Graphic with Social Media

Your social media graphics are important to your inbound marketing.
Make sure your social media graphics work with your inbound marketing plan.

When you use social media as part of your inbound marketing plan, you can interact with your customers and reach them on a new level. Your content writer from an article writing service can help you with the content you need for your social media sites, as well as on your website and blog. However, your content isn’t the only important aspect of your social media. You must also think about finding the right images for your social media sites.

Why Are the Profile and Cover Photos Important?

Your profile picture or cover photo is located right at the top of the page. Everyone who visits your social media page will see this first. As most people are aware, this first impression can make or break your relationship with each potential customer. If you want to have the best possible impact from your image, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Make it a unique image, such as a company logo
  • Try different images to see which ones attract the best response from viewers
  • Use your image to promote special events
  • Don’t use anything that infringes on copyrights

Different Social Media Sites Have Different Formats

There are many types of social media sites, each with its unique purposes in inbound marketing. Because many businesses use multiple social media sites, it is important to learn how to use them all more effectively.


Facebook allows you to have both a cover photo and a profile photo. This is a great place to integrate your branding so everyone knows which page they are on. Use your logo as either your profile or cover photo and then create a special graphic that uses your company’s colors to make it part of your branding.


Twitter allows you to create a header image that will post at the top of your page, along with your handle. This is another good place to use a branded logo or other image that lets people know who you are and what you are about. This provides clear identification for individuals who visit your Twitter page.


LinkedIn is more of a professional social media site than many of the other sites. Therefore, its function is also much different. Most businesses use this social media site to reach out to other businesses instead of a consumer market. This makes LinkedIn less picture-based than much of the rest of the social media world. However, you will still need to choose a picture as your profile picture. The good news is it can change more frequently without having a negative impact on your branding.


Google+ is a newer form of social media that more businesses are starting to use to reach their audience in a different way. When you first create a profile on here, you must choose a high-quality image to use as your profile photo and cover photo to attract the attention of your potential customers. Google automatically enhances any images that are uploaded, making this one of the most effective uses of your images.


Another great way to reach your audience is through YouTube and posting relevant videos. A good article writing service can supply you with a content writer who can help you create quality videos for your YouTube channel. In addition to these videos, you will need to choose a cover image that will tie your branding into your channel and attract more users.

Build an Effective Online Presence

Social media is an essential element to building the most effective online presence. If you make it easy for your potential customers to find you online, your traffic will increase, as well as your sales. Inbound marketing is necessary to ensure your website is an effective extension of your business. With the help of an article writing service and a content writer who is familiar with social media tactics, you can reach a much larger audience.

If you are looking for help with your social media efforts, contact us to find out how our talented team can help.