How to Attract and Engage Customers with Twitter

Twitter is essential to your content marketing.
Learn how to use Twitter to most effectively reach your target audience.

Social media websites have quickly taken the Internet by storm. While some of the early pioneers in this area are not what they once were, they have become a popular way for businesses to reach out to their target audience in new ways. Twitter is one of the most popular avenues for businesses to quickly reach out to their potential customers and to encourage them to spread the word about the business. Learning how to effectively attract and engage your customers through Twitter is just as important to your inbound marketing as it is to your web content writing.

It’s Easy to Do

Many businesses are too busy to handle their own inbound marketing strategies. In some cases, this means they avoid using social media altogether. Fortunately, Twitter is one of the easiest types of social media to use. All posts are limited to 140 characters so they don’t take long to create. Best yet, if you still don’t feel you have the time for this aspect of your marketing, a copywriting service can help you create your posts and put them up on Twitter.

Monitor Your Brand

When you put your business online, you are opening yourself to feedback from your customers. While positive feedback is always good for your company, you will also receive negative feedback from individuals who are unhappy. With the use of Twitter, you will be able to monitor your brand more effectively so you can implement damage control when necessary. It is always a good plan to keep an eye on what others are saying about your business. Hashtags can also help you identify where people are discussing your business.

Make Special Announcements

Offering special deals and sales through your social media is a great way to enhance your web content writing. Instead of taking out an ad, you can post these specials and deals on your Twitter account, linking individuals back to your website. Your message will reach a larger number of people, especially when your followers re-Tweet your posts. You can even offer unique specials that are only available to your followers.

Promote Yourself

While you likely use other methods of advertising your business, Twitter is also a great way to promote yourself. If you have a company blog, make a Tweet when you add a new post to let your followers know that you have something new for them to read. You can also post when you have a new product or service to sell. Realistically, you can link to anything that is relevant to your business and stands to serve as good advertising for your business.

Complete Live Updates

Do you typically hold webinars or attend conferences? If so, you can keep your followers apprised of what is happening by using your Twitter feed as a live feed. Send frequent messages about what is happening, including links if they are relevant, so those who can’t be there can keep track of what you are doing and connect to your business on a whole new level. Of course, live updates aren’t for everyone.

Keep in Touch with Customers

Twitter brings customers and businesses together in a way that they never could before. Not only can your customers re-Tweet what you post, but they can also ask you questions and interact with you through hashtags. Customers prefer to have personal interactions with the companies they use on a regular basis. Twitter makes it easier than ever to encourage this interaction and show your customers that you care about what they have to say.

Reach Your Intended Audience

Customers aren’t going to make the effort of reaching out to a company if they aren’t interested in what that business has to offer. This includes following a business on a social media site, such as Twitter. Therefore, you can safely deduce that a majority of your followers on this medium are interested in you as a business. This means that whatever web content writing you place on Twitter or promote there is going to reach a large, targeted audience that will increase the power of your inbound marketing.

Using Twitter effectively is a great tool for your business marketing efforts. Learning about all the advantages of using this social media site will show you the importance of using it as part of your inbound marketing. With the help of the right copywriting service, your Twitter account can provide your business with a long list of benefits.

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