How to Make Your Lead-Capturing Form Work Wonders

Generating leads is essential to your inbound marketing.
Landing pages will help you generate more leads for your business.

Landing pages are an important inbound marketing tool that builds leads and helps companies gather information on prospective customers. Simply drawing individuals to your lead-capturing form isn’t enough, though. You need a web content writer from writing services to help you create a landing page that will attract attention and encourage individuals to fill out your form. The more people who fill out your form, the more qualifying leads you will have to work with, increasing your chances of success.

Form Position

The position of your form can play a major role in how effective your landing page is in your inbound marketing efforts. For starters, the form on your page should be placed where visitors will see it as soon as they get to your page without having to scroll down. This increases the chances that someone will fill out the form, even if they choose not to scroll down and read the rest of the page. This will also ensure that everyone sees the form, regardless of how much they choose to view.


The length of the form can also factor into whether individuals are likely to fill it out. There is a delicate balance between obtaining enough information from your viewers and having a form that is intimidating because it is too long. Think about the information you must have in order to contact your leads. Additional details can be good, but it is often information you can get when you contact the leads to pitch your company. If the form is too long, people will be less willing to fill it out because they feel it takes too much time or is asking for too much.

Another factor to consider is the quality of leads you will get. A short form that only requires a few pieces of information will draw more people to fill it out. Unfortunately, it also means you will experience fewer conversions from those leads. A slightly longer form can generate a larger number of quality leads, which will increase your chances of conversion.


Another important aspect of your inbound marketing success with landing pages is the fields you choose for the form. The data you collect needs to be enough to contact your potential leads but shouldn’t be invasive. You should always request a name and contact information, either a phone number, email address or both. You should also ask for information that can help you identify if the lead is worth following. Include a couple of drop-down boxes that ask for information, such as the individual’s age range or other material that may qualify your lead. You can also ask an open-ended question with a text box to gather even more information.

Privacy Policy

Potential customers want to be assured that their information is safe. Your web content writer or writing services should be able to help you draft a privacy policy that gives your potential leads this assurance. Link to this privacy policy directly in your landing page form so it is easily found by prospective customers.

Submit Button

The submit button may seem like a minor detail, but believe it or not, the look of this button can determine whether an individuals will fill out and submit the form. In most software, the default setting for this button is the word “submit.” However, studies have shown that using this term often results in a lower occurrence of submissions. Instead, it is best to choose another word or term, such as “Go” or “Click Here.” These terms encourage individuals to fill out your form and send the information to you, resulting in more leads.

As your writing services and web content writer work on your landing page, consider these tips to ensure that more qualified leads will fill out your form. Your inbound marketing requires a delicate balance with all elements of your marketing plan. The landing page and its form can play a major role in whether you grow more quickly or must rely on search engine results alone.

If you need help creating a form for your landing page, contact us. We can help you develop a landing page that will complement the rest of your inbound marketing.