Increase Your Valuable Leads with 5 Easy Content Don’ts

Finding leads is valuable for inbound marketing.
Learn how to generate more valuable leads with your inbound marketing.

According to many studies, you only have about 30 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitors to turn them into valuable leads for your business. If potential customers don’t see something that appeals to them in that amount of time, they are likely to move on. The SEO copywriting by your custom writing service can have a profound impact on lead generation through your website. When your content writers avoid these five mistakes, you will see an improvement.

The “About Us” Page

The “About Us” page on your website is often an opportunity to let people know about the accomplishments of your business. Instead of using this page as a place to showcase your accomplishments or the history of your business, use it as a place to provide your potential customers with reasons why your products or services can help them and why they should choose you. This page should also:

  • Give prospects a reason to complete an action, such as contact you.
  • Set your business apart from your competitors.
  • Give context to the rest of your content.

Problems with Your Product

It seems counterintuitive to waste your SEO copywriting on telling prospective customers about the potential drawbacks of your products or services. However, studies have shown that customers actually appreciate when businesses discuss both the pros and cons of their products and services. Many individuals prefer to do research before they make a purchase, which means they want to consider the negatives as well. Because your competitors are less likely to have cons in their content writing, this can boost your rankings when people search for them.

Pricing Information

Some companies feel that including pricing in their content writing isn’t a good idea because it can quickly turn prospective leads away from their website. In many cases, consumers want to know how much your products or services will cost them. Some of the reasons why your custom writing service should implement pricing include:

  • Fulfilling your customers’ curiosity.
  • Weeding out individuals who can’t afford your products or services, improving your conversion      rates.
  • Creating transparency and clarity with your customers.

If you are unable to provide fixed pricing due to variations in special pricing or in the way you administer services, there are other options you can consider, such as:

  • Including a range of prices.
  • Adding a form to your website that gives prospects a personalized quote.

Evergreen Content

Many content writers focus on evergreen content, which is content that is static and does not include dated information. While this type of content is useful for your website, it isn’t the only type of content you should include. Your custom writing service should provide you with content that addresses the latest concerns or industry-related news stories, as well as any other current information that could be useful to your potential customers. Creating a good balance between dated and evergreen content is going to give you a better chance of success.

Use Social Media

Even though social media has grown drastically in the last several years, many businesses are still not using it. While some customers will still visit your website, fill out forms or sign up for newsletters, more of them are turning to social media as their source of information. If your content writers aren’t implementing social media into your content marketing plan, it isn’t going to generate the types of leads that are likely to convert into sales. Looking at the major brands that use social media, you will see how their interactions with their customers can create a better relationship. You can achieve that same type of relationship with the right use of social media.

If your SEO copywriting isn’t giving you the number of quality conversions and leads you are looking for, it may be time to evaluate your content marketing plan. These mistakes can have a negative impact on finding the quality leads that are more likely to convert into sales. Working closely with your content writers and using a custom writing service can increase your chances of a successful website and marketing plan. Are you ready to increase the number of quality leads your website generates? Contact us to find out how we can help you avoid these major mistakes.