Secrets to Making Your Facebook Page More “Like” able – Part 1

Facebook likes are critical to your inbound marketing.
Learn how to get more Facebook likes for more effective inbound marketing.

Facebook has grown into an important inbound marketing tool for many businesses. Customers are constantly looking for a way to connect to their favorite businesses on a personal level and stay on top of any changes within the company. If you work with your content writers from a custom writing service, you can use the following steps to increase the number of likes you have on your Facebook page.

Use Widgets on Your Website

Facebook offers a number of widgets for your website that can lead customers to your Facebook page. What better way to get someone to like your Facebook page than to lead them there from your website? For instance, you can stream your Facebook page feed directly on your website and even include a “like” button people can click directly from your page.

Don’t Forget Email and Newsletter Subscribers

Some of your email and newsletter subscribers don’t spend a lot of time on your website, but they are still interested in your business. To ensure that they can easily find and like your Facebook page, send them a personalized invitation through their email. Some of your users may not even be aware that you have a Facebook page.

Use Facebook in Your Email Signature

You probably have an email signature you use with all your business correspondence. Make sure you add a line with a link to your Facebook page. This will encourage those who receive an email from you to check out the page, which will lead to more likes.

Create a Video Landing Page

One great way to draw people to your Facebook page is by using another important inbound marketing tool: a video landing page. Create a compelling, interesting video that will attract the attention of your target audience. This landing page should point to your Facebook page and encourage them to like your page. The video should instruct people what you do, describe who your target audience is and explain why they should like your page.

Use Facebook Apps

Facebook allows you to create apps that will give your potential customers the information they are looking for. For instance, you can create an app that broadcasts videos that were created by your custom writing service. You can also set up votes and contests to bring prospects to your Facebook page and encourage them to like your page with the hope of winning a prize.

Add Facebook Comments to Your Landing Page

If you create a landing page to encourage potential customers to like your Facebook page, consider enabling the comments. When the landing page streams your Facebook feed, individuals who visit the page will be able to like and comment directly from your landing page.

Ask to Tag Photos

When individuals tag you in their photos on Facebook, it shows up in their feed. This means their followers will be able to see your name and will be more likely to visit your page to see what you offer. This increases the chances of people liking your Facebook page with little work on your own. Encourage your viewers to tag you in relevant photos for the biggest impact.

Place an Ad on Facebook

When you use Facebook, you will notice ads that appear on the side. Investing in these ads can help you gain the attention of individuals who might be looking for what you have to offer. Clicking on this ad can take visitors straight to your Facebook page where they will have the opportunity to like your page. Facebook also shows users which of their friends have liked the company. This can be a good investment for your inbound marketing campaign.

Start a Contest

Everyone loves to win something, and Facebook is the perfect avenue to host a contest. Decide what you would like to offer and talk to your content writers to create an invitation. You can then ask viewers to like your page as a way to enter the content so they can win a prize. Make sure the prize is something people really want.

Link It to Twitter

Some people use Twitter more than Facebook. Unfortunately, Twitter posts are much shorter and can’t provide the same information. If you want to draw your Twitter fans over to Facebook, you should link the two together. This can help you attract more likes from people who may already follow you on other social media sites.

If you need help following these tips and setting up an effective social media campaign, contact us. We can help you with all aspects of your social media. Stay tuned for the continuation of this list in our next inbound marketing post.