Spread the Word! How to Get Your Tweets Retweeted

Retweets should be easier than a roll of the dice.
When it comes to retweets, your inbound marketing should be more than a roll of the dice.

If your business uses Twitter as part of your inbound marketing, you understand how individuals can retweet information to help the information reach a much larger audience. This can be beneficial for your business. Whether you are using a custom writing service and a content writer to create your Tweets or you create them yourself, it is essential to learn how to create posts that are worth retweeting so you can expand your reach with minimal effort.

Include Links

Only a small percentage of Tweets include links in them, but a large percentage of those that are retweeted have a link. What does this mean for you? This means you should consider linking your Tweets to something relevant to your business. For instance, one of the best things you can do is Tweet each time you create a new blog post, linking that message directly to your post. You will drive traffic to your blog and increase the chances of retweeting.

Watch Your Punctuation

It may seem like a minor detail, but the punctuation your content writer uses in your Tweets can play a significant role in whether viewers are likely to retweet the content. Exclamation points, for instance, are not likely to attract the attention of Twtitter users. Asking a question, however, is a great way to encourage people to retweet your Tweets so they can reach a much larger audience.

Be Positive

Tweets that include positive words are more likely to be retweeted than those that contain negative words, even if you are trying to make a point, such as how to avoid failure. If you are using a custom writing service for your Tweets, make sure you let them know your preferences for the types of Tweets you would like them to create. The idea behind this trend is that individuals are often reluctant to retweet information that can be construed as negative.

Make It Complex

Because Twitter restricts Tweets to a certain number of characters, it may seem that something simple would be the best choice for your inbound marketing efforts. However, in looking at the types of posts that are often retweeted, it has been found that those that contain complex ideas and longer words are more likely to be retweeted than simple Tweets with shorter words.

Keep It Relevant

Just like the other aspects of your inbound marketing, the content of your Tweets has to be something that is relevant to your business. Ask your content writer to create a Tweet that discusses industry-related information, products you carry or anything else that relates directly to your business. This will increase the chances that others who are interested in your business will retweet the information.

Offer New Information

Internet users don’t want to see the same type of information repeatedly in their feeds. If you are sharing information that is likely to be common knowledge or that has already been used often by your competitors or your company, your followers are less likely to retweet the information. Instead, take a new approach to the information and make individuals more likely to pass on that information to their followers.

Avoid Self-Promotion

Businesses often treat social media as the perfect way to promote their business. While this is true, it is also true that you should avoid using language that appears to be self-promoting. Instead, talk about your industry, someone who is important to your industry or the products or services you offer. Tweeting information that relates to your business but doesn’t appear to promote your business directly will increase the chances of retweeting by your followers.

When you use Twitter, your goal should be more than getting your followers to read your Tweets. Instead, you want to increase the chances that these followers will retweet the information to expand your reach without having to do more work. If your custom writing service and content writer follow these tips in creating your Tweets, you will see a greater occurrence of retweets that can help you gain more followers and grow your business through social media.

If you need assistance in managing your Twitter account, contact us. We can help you create the types of Tweets that are more likely to be retweeted.