A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing Terminology — Part 2

A call to action is essential to content marketing.
Your call to action should encourage your readers to act now.

As we discussed in part one of this series, content marketing is filled with terminology that can be difficult to understand. When you are working with writing services, it can be useful to familiarize yourself with these terms so you know what is happening and can determine if your article writing service is doing their job.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is at the heart of the effective content marketing strategy. Your audience needs to be able to find you by searching for terms that relate to your business. SEO takes a close look at which terms will attract a larger portion of your target audience and provides writing services with the tools necessary to rank well with the search engines. As long as your content writers use approved strategies, this is a great way to build traffic.


After your audience reads your content, it is important to let them know what you want them to do with that information. A call-to-action is the way to accomplish this. Writing a short sentence at the end of your site content, blog posts, landing pages and other aspects of your content marketing strategy can tell your readers to contact you for more information or fill out the form on your page. Customers want you to tell them what they should do next. Use action verbs and let them know what they can expect in return for the most effective call-to-action.

Evergreen Content

When it comes to your blog posts and other content, there are two types of content writing services can provide: evergreen content and dated content. Dated content is only relevant for a certain period of time. This is ideal for discussing the latest trends or for talking about a special sale. Evergreen content, on the other hand, is relevant at all times. A majority of your content should be this type because it will bring more people to your site over a longer period of time. Dated content becomes outdated and irrelevant quickly.


Every search engine uses some type of bot or device to scan for relevant content and more effectively rank the content. The Googlebot is Google’s version. Because Google is one of the most widely used search engines, it is important to tailor your content marketing strategy toward this website. With the right tools, you can even dictate whether the Googlebog can browse certain pages. Keep in mind that any pages you hide from this bot will not appear in search engines.

Meta Tag

The meta tag is used in HTML coding to provide information on a webpage that can help the search engines rank the website more effectively. This tag is part of the heading and is thus located near the top of the page. This means the search engine bots will encounter these tags early, helping them make a decision about the ranking for the website.

White Paper Marketing

Most writing services will help you create blog posts, web content and other types of common content. However, not all of them provide white paper marketing. In fact, not all businesses know what a white paper is and how it can help their content marketing. A white paper is an informational piece of content that provides information on a product or service a business offers. This type of content is designed to encourage individuals to purchase your products or services. It is not meant for the same purposes as a blog post or article.

A good content marketing strategy allows you to use each of these terms to maximize your results. Writing services are already familiar with these terms and can help you build a strategy that will increase your traffic and help you rank better with the search engines. Even if you use content writers to create your content, it is still essential for you to understand these and other terms to track your success.

If you are interested in working with a company that is familiar with creating a content marketing strategy, contact us. We can provide you with all the content you need to build traffic and generate sales.