A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing Terminology — Part 3

Keywords are essential to content marketing.
Choosing the right keywords is critical to the success of your content marketing.

To be successful with your content marketing, you need to understand the basic terminology that relates to the field. Just as you know specific terminology that is often used in your industry, an article writing service will know the meanings of terms when it comes to article content. Whether you choose to handle this aspect of your marketing campaign on your own or you want to stay on top of the work your service performs, these are some important terms with which you should become familiar.

Above the Fold

Above the fold is a term that dates back to the old newspaper days. In the days when newspapers were the primary source of news and other information, news companies took the most important news and positioned it on the front page so it could easily be viewed when the paper was folded. Today, this term is still used to refer to the article content Internet users can see without scrolling the screen.

Anchor Text

When an article writing service creates content, the content writer should be linking that content to sources of information and other pages on the same website. This creates easy links for the search engines to follow and gives credibility to the site. In your content marketing campaign, the text that is hyperlinked to another webpage is considered the anchor text. This text will be clearly marked within the content so users can see where they can click for more information.

Article Marketing

A critical aspect of content marketing is article marketing. An article writing service will create content that discusses information relating the industry or about the company itself. These articles are then distributed online for marketing purposes. In many cases, these articles will be informational in nature and provide readers with the information they are looking for when they search online. The article content will then point individuals back to the source company, giving them more traffic. However, it is important to avoid duplicate content or spinning article content.

Hummingbird – Google Search Algorithm

Hummingbird is the newest of the Google search algorithm updates. What does this update mean for content marketing? In the past, search engines looked for exact phrase matches when individuals searched for information. With the Hummingbird update, Google has become smarter with its search results. It is now able to use your location and look for similar terms and phrases that are related to the exact phrase the searcher used. This gives individuals better results.

Keyword Research

Even though algorithms have changed the way search engines rank article content, keywords are still important. In addition to learning how to use keywords properly in your content, it is also essential to make sure you use the right keywords to generate the appropriate traffic. This is why a good article writing service will offer keyword research services to their clients. Proper keyword research will look into what your competitors are using, as well as frequently searched terms, to determine which ones are most likely to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Keyword Stuffing

In addition to proper keyword research, your article content writing should use those keywords properly to ensure your success. If you work with an article writing service, they should understand what keyword stuffing is. This term refers to putting the keywords into the content as often as possible in the hopes of attracting the search engines. This often leads to a misuse of the words, as well as content that doesn’t read smoothly. This is why the search engines have made great strides in putting an end to keyword stuffing. Sites that are caught using this tactic will be penalized and may even be blacklisted, keeping them out of the search engine results altogether.

Proper content marketing is often the key to a business’s success online. Without understanding the terms that go along with it, your article content could be lacking what it needs to rank well with the search engines. Understanding these terms, as well as the other content-related terms, will help you achieve a greater level of success with your website. Whether you work with an article writing service or you manage your own content, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and terms.

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