A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing Terminology – Part 4

Converting leads to sales is important for your content marketing.
Your content marketing can help you convert leads into sales.

Your content writer may be familiar with the most common content marketing terminology, but it is also important for you to become familiar with these terms as well. Even if your copywriting service is creating the content for you, you may want to watch the results and understand what they are doing so you can determine if their efforts are working to your benefit. The following is a continuation of our content marketing terminology list.

Conversion Rate

The main goal of your website is to bring in targeted traffic that is more likely to become your customers. The conversion rate refers to the percentage of individuals who visit your site and then become customers because of this visit. This rate can refer to landing pages, newsletters or website visits. For example, if you 100 people visit your landing page and three of those people fill out your form, your conversion rate for your landing page is three percent.

Inbound Links

Links are an important element of content marketing. There are many types of links that are used in this area of copywriting, which means you need to understand what each type is. Inbound links are important and effective because they drive traffic to your website from other locations online. These links include any links that lead from an outside website to one of your webpages, such as your homepage, Contact Us page or even a landing page. Search engines use these types of links in their search engine rankings.

White Hat SEO

In the world of search engine optimization, there are those who follow the rules and there are those who attempt to get around the rules. White hat SEO refers to those who use the search engine algorithms to their advantage without trying to get around those rules. This is the type of search engine optimization you want your content writer to use. The use of black hat SEO, the opposite of white hat practices, will land your website on the black list, eliminating any rankings you have, which will slow down or potentially stop the flow of traffic to your site.


SERP stands for search engine results page. This term refers to the order in which websites rank when individuals search for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. This is what your copywriting is designed to do. Your ultimate goal in your content marketing is to create content that will land your website on the first page of the search engine results page. When you can achieve this SERP, you will generate more traffic and convert more of that traffic into sales or viable leads.

Page Rank

Similar to SERP, Page Rank refers to a specific aspect of the search engine algorithms that impacts where your website appears on the search engines. These page ranks are portrayed in a number ranging from zero to nine, giving individuals a clue as to the credibility of the webpage and its importance. While this used to be a major factor in deciding where your site ranked on the search engines, it is now a much smaller aspect of the search engine algorithms. Google even offers a tool that allows you to check on your own rankings to see what type of Page Rank your site has. Check this rank often as it can change on a daily basis.

Understanding all the terms used in content marketing can be complicated, but it is important if you want your marketing plan to be successful. Even if you use a content writer to create all your content, learning about the different terms will help you feel more comfortable. It is critical to offer input to your article writing service as they create your content so you can be sure it matches your branding and provides your audience what they are looking for. Our weekly content marketing terminology posts will help you work more closely with your marketing firm to increase your chances of success.

If you are looking for a content marketing firm that uses these and other elements to create compelling content that appeals to your audience, contact us. We can help you build quality content and promote it for the best chance of success.