How Content Marketing Has Evolved Over the Past Few Years

Your content should always be changing.
Your content marketing strategy must evolve to appeal to your customers.

Content marketing has grown steadily in the past few years, giving businesses a way to more effectively reach their target audience. While some aspects of content writing and marketing have changed over the years due to the increased use of the Internet, others have remained the same. As you evaluate your content marketing strategy, it is useful to determine what has changed and what has not so you can create an effective strategy that is more likely to achieve the best results.

Some Things Never Change

If you look at content writing before the Internet, some things haven’t changed. You still need to portray yourself as an expert in your field. Whether individuals turn to an industry magazine or newsletter or they look for the information online, they expect to find a reliable source of information that will answer all their questions. The goal is to provide the reader with the information they need in a manner that is easy for them to find and understand.

In addition to being an expert in your field, your content marketing strategy should be more informational than sales oriented. Most individuals don’t turn to magazines, other publications or the Internet to read through sales pitches. They are looking for answers to questions or general information so they can make an informed decision when they choose to make a purchase. Content writing that contains sales wording is less likely to be read than an informative, conversational piece.

The overall goal of content marketing has also not changed. A good content marketing strategy will always put the buyer first. It isn’t designed to tout the quality of the company that is creating the content. Instead, the content should strive to give buyers the information they want. As long as the topic relates to the company, it is a good option for their blog.

So What Has Changed?

The Internet has changed the way companies market. Content marketing has taken on a digital format that makes it easier for individuals to get the information they are looking for. Some of the primary factors that have changed include:

  • Research – The way people research information has drastically      changed. Today, individuals are more likely to look something up on a      computer or mobile device to get instant gratification and answers to      their questions.
  • Content Writing – Content writing is an essential element of a      content marketing strategy, both online and offline. However, the type of      content used online is drastically different. Businesses now use eBooks,      videos, graphics, webcasts, blogs and many other elements to create their      content.
  • Targeted Marketing – Today’s content      marketing strategy is more targeted than older methods of advertising.      You are now better able to identify your target audience and reach out to      them through the proper channels to improve your conversion rates.
  • Distribution – The distribution of your content writing has      never been easier. Many of the distribution channels are free, including the      use of your own website, email and article directories. Others may cost a      fee, but these fees often cost less than newspaper or television ads.
  • Promotion – In addition to easier distribution, it is uncomplicated      and less expensive to promote your content online. Social media has made      it effortless to reach a large number of people in one place without much      effort or cost.
  • Analytics – Measuring your success with content marketing is      essential so you can make adjustments to your strategy to reach its full      potential. The Internet is full of tools that can make it easy to analyze      the data. The faster you can identify your weaknesses, the faster you can      resolve the problem.

Content marketing may not be a new idea, but it has certainly changed as the Internet has become more widely used and easily accessible. Understanding what has changed and what has not can help you build a more effective content marketing strategy. In general, your content writing will always be evolving. The formats you will use will change, as well as the way it is distributed and marketed. With today’s online technology, you can cut your costs and increase the number of targeted individuals you reach so you can increase traffic and the number of sales you generate.

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