How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

Take care to choose the right blog length.
If you care for your blog, it will be an effective element of your content marketing.

Article writing, such as blog posts, requires careful consideration to the rules that can affect how well they rank with the search engines. One of the most ambiguous rules is how long your blog posts should be. Your article writing service can recommend the length they use, but the answer really depends on a variety of factors. If you want your web content marketing to be successful, you need to determine for yourself what your ideal length should be.

What Constitutes Long or Short?

The first thing you need to understand before determining how long your article writing should be is the amount of content necessary for a short versus a long blog post. In general terms, a short blog post is one that is between 250 and 500 words. Anything over this would be considered a long post. Your article writing service can provide you with blog posts that are 600 words or their long posts could number 1,200 words or even more.

Your Tone

Throughout your article writing, your tone should remain consistent. The tone your article writing service uses in your blog and your web content will play a role in your branding. As you create more content, the tone should remain congruent. One of the aspects of setting the tone is the length of your posts. If the lengths vary widely, it can be difficult to set a tone your readers can identify with.

Depth of Information

The primary focus of article writing for your blog is to provide readers with valuable information that is useful to them and portrays you as an expert in your field. This means giving your readers new information they can apply to their own lives and situations. An important part of web content marketing is ensuring the information you offer is unique and provides value to readers. The depth of the information you must present can play a major role in the length of each content piece your article writing service creates.

Posting Frequency

In the world of web content marketing, developing a posting frequency is crucial to letting your readers know when to expect something new to read. However, this can also play a role in how long your posts will be. Because writing quality content is essential to your success online, it may be necessary to use an article writing service to help you with the task of high-quality content that remains informative. Longer content can be even more challenging to do on your own. If you will be posting daily, it may be best to choose shorter content, but if you post once a week, longer content will be more effective.

Search Engine Optimization

Today, search engine optimization is about more than fitting in the right keywords. The search engines now consider the overall quality of your article writing in determining how to rank the content. They understand how important it is for Internet users to find the exact information they are looking for when they search. This can sometimes be a disadvantage with shorter posts, especially if you are still using keywords. It is more challenging to implement keywords properly into shorter content.

Attention Span

Another factor your article writing service should consider in creating your blog post is the attention span of your readers. Many online users have a short attention span when it comes to reading content. You need to cater your writing to this or you will risk losing readers. Many users will pass up reading longer content because it takes too much time. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t write longer posts. Instead, it means you need to break it up with pictures and subheadings to allow people to scan the content first.

The question of whether your article writing service should be creating long or short content for your blog is one that doesn’t have a clear answer. Instead, you need to look at all these factors and make a determination based on your own audience. When you put your audience and their needs first, your web content marketing will be more successful.

If you need an article writing service to help you create the blog posts that will attract your target audience, contact us. We can help you build quality content for your blog.