Repurposing Your Content – What You Need to Know

Repurpose your blog content for effective content marketing.
Repurposing your blog content allows you to get creative.

Content marketing requires you or your content writers to consistently create unique content to use in all aspects of your marketing, including blog posts, web content and articles. However, sometimes there may be situations where repurposing your content can save you the time and energy of creating something entirely new and boost your marketing efforts without harming your search engine rankings. Learning to repurpose content properly will help you take a new approach to your marketing.

Don’t Use the Exact Same Content

The search engines constantly crawl the Internet to evaluate the content found on various websites. When content is found in its exact form or even if it is found with a small portion that is identical, both sites that are using the content are likely to be penalized. This is not what you want to do with repurposed content. The goal is to find new ways to use the information you already have in other forms. Reposting an exact piece of content will create a duplication issue that is best to avoid if you want to succeed online.

Don’t Participate in Spinning

In the past, many websites would simply recreate the same content with different wording in an attempt to get around the search engine algorithms. However, search engines have become wise to these practices and can penalize websites that use these tactics in an attempt to repurpose their content. This has made article spinning an ineffective strategy that could hurt your rankings. Therefore, it is not advised to simply spin your content into a new piece.

Try Different Formats

Choosing different formats for your content marketing is always a great way to reach a larger audience. Some individuals will look for written content they can read; others prefer to listen to the content; and there are others who would enjoy watching it in video format. Taking a successful piece your custom writing service created and changing it into multiple formats can be the ideal way to repurpose your content. Take your most popular blog article and turn it into an audio and video version. You can even take an interview you posted in video format and create a transcript in PDF for those who would rather read something.

Putting the same content into different formats will not have the same effect as reposting your blog post on an article marketing site. It will not be viewed as the same by the search engines, allowing you to reach a larger audience without risking your search engine rankings.

Expand on Old Ideas

Content writers often shorten the information they provide in the name of providing individuals with shorter content they are more likely to read. However, this leaves plenty of room to expand on those ideas. Once you realize the success of a blog post or other form of your content writing, take a close look at each piece of the article. Work with your custom writing service to determine which pieces of the larger post are good candidates for an expansion post. This allows you to work with some of the same content to expand on the ideas and give your readers a more in-depth look at the information.

Look at Your Communications

Emails, phone calls and other business communications can help you generate more ideas for written content for your blog or website, as well as other article marketing sites. Look closely at all your communications and determine if there is a need for content about that subject. Perhaps you have had a large number of similar questions come into your email from your customers. Use those questions to create a blog post that will provide the answers to your visitors. This can also help you cut down on the number of inquiry emails you receive, saving you time.

Repurposing content can be a recipe for disaster if it isn’t done properly. Taking the same content and putting it on multiple sites will only get your website flagged for duplication and penalized by the search engine. Custom writing services that work with content writers understand the ramifications of improper repurposing. Learning the proper way to repurpose content, on the other hand, can give you a boost in your content marketing, reaching even more individuals.

If you are looking for custom writing services that can help you repurpose your old content, contact us. We can help you put together an effective content marketing strategy that spells success.