Social Sharing: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Social media can help you reach more people.
Social media is an important aspect of your content marketing.

Content marketing is comprised of many elements that work together to bring individuals to your website and provide them with the information they seek. When you work with professional copywriting services, they will use many of these elements to create an effective plan that will produce results. Not only will they help with search engine optimization, or SEO, they can also help with social sharing. Social sharing is an effective way to promote your SEO content writing.

Utilize Your Most Popular Posts

Analyzing the success of individual posts can set the direction for your future blog posts. Identify the topics expressed in the most popular posts, such as the ones that are shared most often through social sharing and those that generate the most traffic. Use these to create more posts on the same topics to attract more visitors to your website. Continue using analytic tools to shape your blog moving forward. Professional copywriting services can help you with this type of tracking.

Track the Latest Trends

Social sharing makes it easy to track the latest trends. For example, individuals use hashtags to make it easier to search for information. Looking at these hashtags and other trend tools, such as Topsy, can help you find topics that are currently attractive to the general population. Using those trends can help you build quality content individuals want to read. However, you must make your SEO content writing stands out from the others. You can do this by choosing one of the following angles:

  • Give an expert opinion
  • Share data creatively
  • Set up a survey
  • Use humor

Approaching the same ideas from a different angle will bring in more traffic.

Why Would Your Audience Share?

As you create your SEO content writing, it is critical to determine why your audience would want to share the information. If you can’t think of a good reason for them to share, it may be time to consider a different topic. Creating a post for the sake of posting something is not going to be an effective addition to your content marketing. Instead, you need to choose topics that will entertain, provide valuable information and nurture a relationship with your customers.

Focus on Your Headline

You will be judged by the headline you assign to each article. That one short line of information is enough to make your readers decide if they want to continue reading it or not. It also affects whether they are willing to share your content. You need a headline that is attractive and gives the readers insight into what they can learn from the rest of the article. A good headline should implement these four factors:

  • Useful – Why is your article useful?
  • Specific – What information does it contain?
  • Unique – Why is the information different?
  • Urgent – Why should they read it now?

Without an appealing headline, your readers aren’t likely to share your content.

Try Different Promotion Methods

You can’t expect your content marketing to be successful if you don’t take the time to promote it yourself. Social sharing can increase your reach as your readers share it with their friends and family members. However, it is up to you to put the ripple effect in motion. Consider using different channels to promote your content, including the various social media sites and emails to generate traffic and encourage social sharing.

Optimize Your Content

Professional writing services can help you optimize your content for more effective social sharing. When individuals share your posts, they will see an image, the title and a meta description. Therefore, it is critical to pay close attention to these features. Each of them must be appealing to the eye and draw viewers to your site. You must also consider the platform. Twitter only allows for 140 characters, while Facebook and LinkedIn offer more information. Optimize each of your posts for every social media platform you want to use.

Bring Readers Back

The ultimate goal in social sharing is to bring individuals back to your site. Make it easier for your readers to return to your site by using calls to action that encourage them to sign up for a newsletter or other mailing list. Professional copywriting services can help you create content that is more likely to bring your readers back to your site.

If you need assistance with your content marketing, particularly in the area of social sharing, contact us. We can help you build your online presence and create shareable content.