What You Need to Know about Using Associated Press Style for Your Content Writing

AP is the most accepted content writing style.
Most content marketing companies use AP style as their preferred writing style.

If you have taken writing classes or remember back to your school days, you realize there are many styles of writing that are considered appropriate. While some of the basic rules of writing are the same, there are a lot differences. No single way is right or wrong. However, when it comes to the content writing your article writing service performs, their content writers are more likely to use Associated Press or AP Style. What does this mean for their writing.

Why AP Style?

AP Style is widely accepted as a universal method of writing, particularly in the field of journalism. Content writers who use this style of writing for online content writing are following this trend. Writing for online venues isn’t that much different from writing for a journalistic audience. The individuals who look for information online want clear, easy to read information. AP style creates that type of content for readers.

Styling Differences

Understanding the styling differences of AP style can provide information on why your article writing service handles writing with the methods they use. Content writers spend a lot of time perfecting the basics of AP style and take pride in using it properly. While asking questions and making requests for the styling of your content writing is appropriate, understanding why your writers use the language they do can help you make a decision as to whether you should intervene.


One of the biggest discrepancies between AP style and other writing styles is the way they handle numbers. In general, content writers will write numbers using words when the number is less than 10. However, the number 10 and higher are properly written in their numeric form. There are some other rules that relate to numbers that can make the AP style difficult to understand. Some of these rules include:

  • Percentages are listed with a numeral, followed by the word “percent.”
  • Ages are always expressed by numerals.
  • Monetary amounts are listed with numerals, preceded by the dollar sign.

If you aren’t sure why your article writing service is expressing numbers a certain way in your content writing, don’t hesitate to ask. Numbers can be one of the most difficult aspects to understand.


Addresses may be used in different ways in content writing. The way you spell the street names will also vary depending on the context in which the address is used. When using the numbers with the street name, the type of street, such as street, avenue or boulevard, can be expressed as an abbreviation. However, if the address simply states the street, it must be spelled out. The only exceptions to the abbreviation rule is road and route, neither of which should ever be abbreviated.


Dates are another are of AP style that can be difficult for many content writers to grasp. When it comes to the months when paired with a day, Most months should be abbreviated. The months of May through July are never abbreviated. Likewise, the date should be listed with the number only. Adding the “th,” “st” or “rd” is not appropriate.

Job Titles

Depending on the type of content writing your article writing service does, they may need to use job titles. This is another situation where the rules depend on the context of its use. Anytime a job title is used in conjunction with the name of the person who uses the title, it should be capitalized because it is considered part of the person’s name. If the job title appears on its own, it should be expressed in lowercase letters, unless it appears at the beginning of the sentence.

Titles of Films and Books

Different styles of writing will require titles of films and books to be separated from the other content writing in a different manner. In AP style, title caps and quotation marks will set the title apart from the rest of the sentence. The quotation marks are not used for reference books, magazines or newspapers.

Many article writing services use AP style in their content writing. Their content writers learn how to use this style to ensure their content is uniform and more appealing to the readers. Therefore, it is important for both content writers and their clients to understand the basics of AP writing to ensure it is done properly.

If you are looking for an article writing service with the experience to use AP style properly, contact us. We can help you create the content writing you need to impress your audience.