A Guide to Content Marketing Terminology – Part 7

Bring more traffic with effective content marketing.
Content marketing helps you drive more traffic to your website.

Whether you work with an article writing service or you create your own content, it can be overwhelming when you hear certain content marketing terminology you don’t understand. A failure to understand these terms can lead to less traffic and reduced search engine rankings. In order to more effectively reach your target audience, you need to work with a blog content provider who can help you understand content marketing so you can see its value to your business.


Banner ads are those ads you find on websites that stretch across the top or bottom of the page or even along the sides. This form of advertisement is one of the oldest methods available online. While there are other methods of advertising available that cost less today, many businesses still use these banner ads as part of their online marketing goals.


Cloaking is a term used when an article writing service creates content that shows differently for the search engines than it does for Internet users. This practice is typically banned by the search engines, resulting in the removal of a website from its listings. It can even put an entire site on a black list, banning its pages from appearing in the search engine results. Because of these dire consequences, it is imperative for websites to avoid using a blog content provider who utilizes these practices. However, there are types of cloaking that do not have the same negative consequences. Embedding a location code, for instance, can be a useful form of cloaking to benefit readers.


In the world of online marketing, impressions refer to the number of views your webpages receive. Copywriters for blogs strive to create the type of content that will result in the maximum number of impressions from those who are likely to need your products and services. The use of programs that measure your impressions can give you insight into how many individuals are visiting your site, what they are searching for to find you, which site referred them and more. This information can be valuable in enhancing your marketing plan.


Many business owners are already familiar with what blogging is and have an article writing service to provide them with content. Microblogging is the ability to send short messages to followers, giving them small bursts of information that is similar to blog posts but in a much shorter form. Social media sites are among the most commonly used for this practice. If you look at a business’s Twitter or Facebook page, you are likely to see these short, informational posts, many of them pointing to a longer article written by a blog content provider. Text messages are another form of microblogging.


Scraping is a negative method of obtaining content for your website. Instead of hiring copywriters for blog content, some website owners look for content on other websites and post the exact same content on their website as well. This causes both websites to be penalized by the search engines. In addition, it can result from legal action against the site that scraped the content. If you like a blog post for another site, it is always best to link to it or ask your blog content provider to write something similar.


WordPress is one of the most popular and easy-to-use website platforms available. This platform is often used by companies that want to add a blog to their website. This open-source publishing software has been available since 2003, providing website owners an easy method of creating and managing their website. Through this platform, website owners are able to create dynamic websites without the need for extensive web design knowledge. While the domain name requires payment, WordPress is free to use.

Content marketing consists of many parts that all work together to create a successful online business. Whether you work with an article writing service or you manage a majority of your content needs on your own, you must fully understand all the terms associated with this aspect of your business. A failure to understand some of these terms could result in poor search engine results or even cause the search engines to blacklist your website.

If you need a blog content provider who understands these and other content marketing terms, contact us. We can help you create the content you need without causing a negative impact on your site.