Competitor Analysis: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Find your niche with competitor analysis.
Competitor analysis can be a powerful content marketing tool.

Understanding what your competitors are doing can be an important tool to help you boost your sales and grow your business. Because more businesses are turning to the Internet to reach their target audience, it is easier than ever for an article writing company to check out what your competitors are doing and help you adopt some of their practices to increase your success. Even affordable article writing services offer competitors analysis to give you an advantage over other businesses in your industry.

Search for Your Competitors

While not all businesses readily know who their competitors are, it can be a critical piece of information. Content writers need to know which companies are fighting for the same audience to help you create more effective content. Finding your competitors can be as simple as plugging in one of your primary keywords into a search engine and writing down the top websites that appear in the search engine results.

Check Their Rankings

Your goal is to boost your search engine results to the front page to increase visibility among your prospective customers. Content writers can often help you achieve this, but it can be useful to investigate where your competitors are ranking and for which keywords. Your article writing company can use this information to create a more effective content marketing plan for your business. Knowing where your competition ranks can help you set goals for your marketing.

Determine the Right Keywords

As you determine the rankings for your opponents, check which keywords they have used for their content. Your content writers can take those keywords and use them for your content as well. However, you shouldn’t look at your competitors’ keywords once and simply use them in your content. Instead, you should set up a monitoring platform that will tell you when new competitors enter the market and which keywords others in your industry are using on a regular basis. You can then tailor your keyword list to best satisfy the needs of your prospective customers.

Identify Their Advertising

Many companies utilize Google AdWords to target specific keywords that are the most successful for them. Affordable article writing services can use tools, such as SpyFu, to provide them with information about the keywords your competitors are using for their advertisements. If you see that one of your competitors is consistently using a specific keyword for their AdWords campaign, it can be a good idea to incorporate into your advertising.

Browse Their Webpage

Simply looking at your competitors’ webpages can help you see any areas your site is lacking. An article writing service should research your competition and compare them to the content on your site. For instance, if your competitor has a long list of services, you may need to lengthen your own list so you can appeal to the same audience. You may discover that your website needs a few more pages to put your website on a level playing field with others in your industry.

How Do They Market?

Different industries typically see success through varying methods. If you have struggled with your marketing plan, it may be time to look at what your competitors are doing. Do they use social media to reach their target audience? How many followers do they have? Do they offer a newsletter subscription or mailing list? Do they have a blog? If so, how often do they post? If your competitor has been successful with their marketing strategy, you may need to consider adding some of their tactics to your own marketing plan.

Your goal is to surpass your competitors in sales and traffic to your website. However, this requires some research. You can complete this analysis on your own or you can hire affordable article writing services to do the work for you. In either situation, it is important to identify who your competitors are, what keywords they are using, how they rank and what elements they use for their marketing plan. All this information can help your content writers create better content that will boost your rankings and help you improve your sales.

If you are looking for affordable article writing services that can perform competitor analysis, contact us. We can help you identify your competitors and build a plan that can gain exposure and surpass other businesses in your industry.