Google Analytics: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Google Analytics can give you plenty of information.
Google Analytics is a powerful content marketing tool.

If you don’t know how much traffic your website is generating, you can’t determine whether your online business is successful. For this reason, the use of a tool like Google Analytics becomes a powerful ally, helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses and making adjustments to your content marketing strategy to improve traffic numbers. Understanding how to use this important tool can help you and your web content provider create a more successful website.

The Benefits

Before you start using Google Analytics, it is important to learn about the benefits. These benefits will show you how useful this tool can be and why you should use it to improve your marketing plan.

Track Social Media Productivity

You and your content writers work diligently to engage your audience through social media. However, do you know how many individuals are visiting your website via links from your social media profiles? If not, Google Analytics can be your answer. With their social tools, you will see activity in one convenient dashboard, giving you access to a variety of data points you can follow to monitor your results.

Measure Mobile Browsing Impact

Today, many individuals are using smartphones and other mobile devices to browse the Internet. This can be useful information, allowing you to adjust your strategy accordingly. The mobile features on Google Analytics will break down how many users are using mobile devices, which mobile devices they use and which pages they visit most. If a majority of your users are mobile, you need to focus your efforts on this area of content marketing.

Conversion Rates

The number of visits isn’t as important as the number of sales you convert from those visits. Google Analytics helps you determine your conversion rates so you can more closely identify your target audience. Conversion rates can provide valuable information, such as user demographics, traffic sources and locations to help you reach a more qualified audience.

Determine Content Performance

When you work with a web content provider, you need to be sure their subject matter is having a positive impact on your traffic numbers. The use of Google Analytics can show you which pages are generating more traffic and which ones need improvement. This information will guide your content writers to create the type of content your users want to read and move away from less effective topics.

Monitor Your Ads

If you are like most other companies, your web content provider creates content uses online ads, whether they are banner ads or some other form of advertisement. Google Analytics makes it easy to track the success of individual ads so you can see which ones are working and which ones should be changed.

Make Web Analytics Work for You

Web analytics is an important element for every website owner to use. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize the importance and continue to make the same mistakes. Setting up an account with Google Analytics will provide you with vital information that can lead to greater success from your website. This tool can help you better identify your target audience, determine which content is the most successful and create ads that are tailored to meet your audience’s needs. Without the ability to analyze the success of your website, you are left to wonder if your website is giving you the sales boost it was designed to do.

No website is going to be successful from its beginnings. However, the difference between a successful site and one that doesn’t perform well is the use of Google Analytics or similar tools. This vital tool offers a vast amount of information that can be used to create a more effective content marketing plan that reaches your target audience on a new level. The goal of any website is to provide a specific group of Internet users with the information they are looking for.

If you are interested in pairing Google Analytics with a quality web content provider, contact us. Our content writers can use the information you gather to create valuable content your audience wants to read.