Why Your Content Marketing Plan Should Center on Clicks, Not Sales

Without clicks, you can't generate sales.
Clicks are one of the most important results of your content marketing plan.

Many businesses place a great emphasis on the number of sales their content marketing plan generates. While this seems like the ideal way to measure success, it is often best to focus on the number of clicks your website receives instead of worrying about the conversions. After all, you can’t get more sales if people aren’t clicking on your website. If you look closely at the clicks you do get, you will understand your audience better and help your web content writers create the content that will bring more leads to your site.

The Origins of Your Clicks

Where your clicks come from plays a role in the success of your web content writing. Today, many platforms offer the chance to generate more clicks to drive more traffic to your website. The first step in the process is to determine which of these platforms appeal to your target audience. When you reach them through the avenues they are already using, you increase your chances of success. Evaluate the use of email and social media sites in particular to help you choose the right options to reach your viewers.

While some companies will choose just one platform for their content marketing plan, many businesses can benefit from using multiple methods of reaching their audience. However, it is important to tailor your web content writing to these different channels. For instance, if you will promote your latest blog post via email, Twitter and Facebook, consider asking your web content writers to provide three different headlines and images so you can use a different one on each platform for a greater impact.

What Generates the Most Clicks?

The use of analytical data is valuable in helping you determine what type of content is getting the most clicks and through which channel. In addition to using analytical tools, it is also important to look at the actions of your followers on social media sites to gain a better feel for the best ways to reach these individuals. For instance, Facebook offers the Graph Search to help you see what your followers like and are doing, providing important and beneficial information.

Google Analytics is another important tool to use in determining what is getting the most clicks. Checking your older blog posts can offer valuable information you may not have realized was there. In many cases, the first exposure to your website users have is through searching a term and landing on a blog post you published weeks or months ago. Once they are on your site, they may navigate to other blog posts or areas of your website. When you take note of the internal links people are clicking on, you can replicate them in future web content writing.

Draw Readers Deeper into Your Site

The idea of focusing on clicks rather than sales is that readers who dig deeper into your website are more likely to convert into sales in the long-term. As you look at the analytical tools to see where users are clicking within your website, look for these factors:

  • Pages with low bounce rates
  • The origin of the click
  • Keywords used to reach that page
  • Last page visited
  • Next page visited

Tracking the progression of readers through your website can help you see which web content writing is valuable so your web content writers can create more like it. The goal is to map out the most likely path to generate more sales and work toward replicating that path throughout your website to increase the number of clicks, which will have a direct impact on your conversions.

When you concentrate on getting more clicks into your website, as well as drawing readers deeper within your site once they are there, an increased conversion rate will naturally follow. A solid content marketing plan takes the clicks you are already getting and implements that information into any future web content writing. This strategy has a strong chance of multiplying the success your website already has, helping you make more sales and increase your revenue stream.

Is it time to make changes to your content marketing plan? If you are looking for an experienced team of web content writers, contact us. We can help you increase traffic so you can generate more sales.