Does Black Hat SEO Improve Search Engine Optimization?

Search engines use SEO rules to control content.
SEO content writing must use the right tactics to please your readers and the search engines.

Content writers and businesses alike are all taught early on to avoid black hat search engine optimization tactics because of the risks of punishment by the search engines. While this is generally good advice to follow, many search engine optimization specialists realize the marketing strategies and techniques now considered black hat SEO were once acceptable practices. SEO content writing is a constantly evolving process and in some situations, the use of these “black hat” methods is necessary to succeed online.

Search Engines Make the Rules, Not Users

Search engines claim they change their algorithms based on what users need and to ensure they find the information they are looking for. However, do the search engines really know what users want? They may do their best, but it all boils down to what the search engines want. With all the changes that have taken place, it seems that search engine optimization in itself is now considered black hat. The ultimate goal for search engine optimization specialists is to ensure the consumer gets the information they need.

What Should SEO Content Writing Include?

When you work with professionals on search engine optimization for your site, their specialists will use various tactics to ensure you get the traffic you need by offering consumers what they want. Even though search engines look down on some of these practices, they can still be an effective method of reaching your target audience.

Competitive Keyword Research

Search engines don’t always have the resources to check the millions of websites that are online, especially with the large numbers that are created daily. Therefore, it can be useful to check what your competitors are doing to give your business a boost. When your competitors are ranking for specific keywords and phrases, you can use those same keywords and do well.

Go on the Offense

Don’t wait until a search engine penalizes you for a mistake. Be proactive and check for errors, especially in regard to linking. Your SEO content writing will be much stronger when you take an offensive approach, rather than waiting to go on the defense.

Consider Guest Posting

Search engine optimization specialists recommend using guest posting as part of your content marketing. You can create posts for other industry-relevant websites or ask those who regularly write for those blogs to contribute to yours. This cross collaboration is the ideal way to build links and reach a different aspect of your target audience.

Focus on User Experience

Driving traffic to your site may be the prime focus of search engine optimization, but readers won’t stay if your site isn’t easy to use. As part of your SEO strategy, learn more about the user experience and what your visitors expect from a company in your industry. This can help you build the type of site that will attract attention, regardless of what the search engines do with your website.

Search Engine Optimization Hasn’t Really Changed Much

The search engines may want you to believe they have revolutionized the way search engine optimization works, but they really haven’t. Even though it is still inappropriate to use tactics, such as keyword stuffing and invisible content, many of the methods that are now labeled as black hat SEO really aren’t as harmful as search engines lead companies to believe. This means you may have to put on your black hat every once in a while.

Keywords and link building are often referred to as improper SEO techniques, but they are still necessary. You need keywords or your users aren’t going to be able to find your website. However, it has now become necessary to balance readability with the use of keywords to strike the ideal combination to attract readers and keep them on your website. Likewise, proper link building is still important to guide the search engines through your site and increase the chances of ranking well.

Before you decide to avoid all black hat SEO strategies, it is time to work with search engine optimization specialists who know what SEO maneuvers you should use and what you should avoid. Some tactics are labeled as harmful by the search engines but are still needed to improve your traffic. Learning how to effectively use the right techniques will help your business succeed.

If you are looking for search engine specialists who can help you decide which SEO tactics to use, contact us. We can help you create content that will appeal to your readers, as well as the search engines.