More Than 75 Percent of the Population Researches an Item before Buying

Your article writing service should help you create content that attracts a local audience.

The Internet has become one of the most used tools to complete research before making a purchase. Many consumers first turn to the Internet to look for more information or to compare products or services to help them make the most informed decision. Even if they don’t buy online, they still use websites to research. For this reason, your article writers from an article writing service must focus on quality content to encourage customers to turn to you.

Looking for a Specific Business

The biggest reason people searched online for a local business was to look for a specific company in their area. They may have heard of a restaurant they would like to try but want to look at the menu first and determine how expensive it is, as well as the location. Individuals will search for businesses by name, products and services offered and location. Those who are checking out a business for the first time typically use this type of search.

Searching Product Categories

When customers want to comparison shop or aren’t sure which companies in their area offer the products they are looking for, category searches can be an effective method of finding what they need. Article writers who write for local businesses should focus on product categories for your keywords, as well as your location, helping those who may not know the name of your business find you.

The Role of Mobile Devices

A larger percentage of Internet users are now searching for local businesses using their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets allow individuals who are out running errands to search for businesses and products while on the go. However, when these visitors access a website through their mobile devices, they are actually less likely to make the purchase online. Instead, they will visit their local store and buy the products they researched online. This means your article writing service must do a good job of providing content that encourages customers to visit your business in person.

It’s All in the Demographics

Demographics play a major role in online research versus heading to the local store to simply buy products. Older individuals are more likely to turn to traditional methods of comparing and researching products before making a purchase. The younger generations are more likely to turn to smartphones or tablets to complete a mobile search when they are considering which products would best meet their needs. As your article writers focus on creating the content your site needs to give these individuals the information they are looking for, it is important to remember who they are to ensure the most significant impact.

Other Information

Product research isn’t the only information users are looking for when they search for local businesses in the search engines. Although this is often the top reason, individuals may also be looking for navigation information to find the best way to get to the business’s location or their hours of operation. They may also be searching for coupons and special deals to save money on their purchase. These are all factors an article writing service will consider in creating content.

Online searches for research purposes have steadily grown as individuals turn to the Internet to gather more information about the products they need and to make comparisons before making a decision. Today, many individuals are using their mobile devices to complete local searches to find businesses in the area that offer the products they are looking for. Because few people who use mobile devices for these searches buy the products online, it is important for your article writers from an article writing service to focus their efforts on creating the type of content that will answer questions and give readers a reason to turn to you.

If you need help with your article writing to appeal to those who are researching a purchase, contact us. We can help you create content that attracts attention and entices your readers.