Up Your Social Media Game with These 10 Tricks

Attract attention with social media writing.
Good social media writing can improve your performance.

With so many businesses using social media to reach out to their customers and prospects, it is important to make your profile stand out. Your social media writing goal should be to attract the attention of those who need your products and services and show them why they should choose you instead of your competitors. With these 10 simple tricks, you and your social media writer can help your profile shine.

1. Create a Business Dedicated Profile

Some smaller businesses don’t understand a need to keep their business profile separate from their personal profile. They may choose to post their business information on their personal site or may allow their business profile to double as their personal platform. This can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You need a dedicated business profile.

2. Post Often and at the Right Time

There is often a reason when businesses publish their social media writing. In general, most companies should focus on posting during the week between normal business hours. However, some industries may allow for other posting times. For instance, the entertainment industry can benefit from posting on weekends as well. In addition to posting at the right time, keeping a regular schedule will train your followers when to look for new posts from you.

3. Cultivate Relationships

One of the primary goals of any social media writer is to cultivate relationships with customers and prospects. Instead of talking to your customers, it is more effective to engage them in a conversation and create long-lasting relationships with everyone who visits your profile. These relationships will translate into loyal customers.

4. Don’t Sell

It may seem counterproductive to not use your social media for sales, but this will typically work to your advantage. Most customers turn to social media as a method of obtaining information about businesses, rather than to buy something. While you can mention sales and other promotions through your social media writing, your main focus should be on providing valuable information your readers can use.

5. Network

Social media isn’t just about reaching out to your customers and prospects. Use your social media writing as a method of networking with others in the same industry who can complement your business. Following others can give you access to their list of followers, further expanding your reach.

6. Fill out Your Profile

Your profile is one of the first things potential followers will look at. If you aren’t sure what to write for some sections, talk to your social media writer to get ideas. Providing readers with as much information as possible will show them you can be trusted and encourage them to choose you over your competitors.

7. Focus on Creativity

Instead of creating social media writing that looks like anyone could have written it, it is important to get creative with your writing. The goal is to capture readers’ attention, giving them a reason to stop and read the rest of the content. The more compelling and intriguing your social media content is, the more likely they will click through to your site.

8. Offer Special Deals

Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to attract visitors to your social media site and encourage them to follow you. Offering special deals to those who follow you or even organizing a giveaway can help you build a larger following. The promise of future specials can be an engaging strategy.

9. Use Analytics

Just like any other aspect of your content marketing strategy, it is important to use analytics to determine what is working and what isn’t so you can make appropriate adjustments. Many of these tools are free to use, giving you the information you need.

10. Hire Help

Social media writing can become time-consuming when you are focused on other aspects of your business. Many content marketing companies offer a social media writer who has the experience needed to help you attract more followers to your social media site. Taking advantage of this service can give you better posts without sacrificing your own time.

If you want to be successful in your social media writing, it is important to follow these tips to make your profile stand out. Your goal should be to create compelling content that is informative and engaging, drawing more visitors to your website as a result. When you follow these tips, you increase your chances of a successful social media marketing campaign.

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