Use Seasonal Blogging to Conquer Writer’s Block

Seasonal Blogging
Seasonal topics and holidays can help you make content for blogs.

Sometimes blog writers have difficulty finding new topics to write about. Writer’s block can lead to frustration. Unfortunately content for blogs is needed on a regular basis to maintain search engine rankings and drive more traffic to the website. Business owners can take off any writing pressures by hiring a professional content writer or take the time to learn how to overcome their struggles. In these situations, writing about seasonal topics, holidays and other important dates can help you get through a rough patch.

Check the Calendar

The first thing you must do is check your calendar. Note the time of year and any holidays or other special events associated with the month. These can help you come up with great new topics you can relate to your business. Remember, you don’t have to choose only the major holidays to create content. Content for blogs can include pieces on lesser-known or even silly holidays. Take “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” You can quickly create an entertaining post about your industry written in pirate language. This type of fun content may not be appropriate in all situations.

In addition to looking for both major and minor holidays to incorporate in your blog posts, consider looking back in history. There are many websites that offer lists of significant events that occurred on each day of the calendar. Some of these events could become a good source of information to create a compelling blog post to help you overcome the challenges of writer’s block.

Consider Business Related Events

Not all events are going to show up on your typical wall calendar. In addition to looking at the calendar on the wall, consider looking through your business calendar or the list of business events. Sometimes you can generate new ideas by writing about something new that will happen with your business. Maybe you are holding a fundraiser for a specific cause. Anything that may draw the attention of your readers can be the ideal topic for blog writers.

Create a Subtle Connection

The reason many blog writers don’t look toward the calendar before they start creating content for blogs is they aren’t sure how to make the connection between the event and their business. Unless it is a business event in particular, the relationship may not be as obvious. However, if you think about it, you can create a blog post that will appeal to your readers and still relate to your business. Sometimes you only need to refer to your business at the beginning and the end of the post. In between, you can offer valuable information your readers will appreciate, even when it isn’t obvious how it relates to your business. For instance, if you are a veterinarian, you can give tips on making the holidays safe for your pets or provide ideas for Valentine’s gifts for Fido.

Plan Ahead For Seasonal Blogging

You don’t have to wait until you are out of ideas for your content for blogs. To ensure you never feel the negative impact of writer’s block, start working on your blog early. As long as you have great ideas, keep a list of your ideas so you can pick one from the list when you are feeling stuck. If you come up with ideas that relate to holidays or other special dates on the calendar, make sure you note on your list what date the post applies to. This ensures you write it in a timely manner so it can post when it is relevant. The primary focus should be on giving your readers quality content that relates to your business and provides them with valuable information they can use.

Creating quality content for blogs is the sole purpose of blog writers. Unfortunately, there often comes a time when individuals can no longer find the topics or words to express the right ideas through their blog. To overcome these periods of writer’s block, it may be time to consider writing about holidays, special events and other seasonal blogging topics. Even when these dates don’t seem to relate directly to your business, you may be able to find a way to tie them in so you can get back on target with your blog.

If you need help coming up with topics for your content for blogs, contact us. Our experienced team can help you find new ideas to keep your blog fresh and compelling.