Blog Headline “Power” Words That Grab the Attention of Your Audience

Ask your blog content provider to use these attention-grabbing words.
A good blog content provider uses the right words to grab attention.

A blog is one of the most useful types of content to attract your target audience and provide your readers with the information they need. However, if you can’t attract readers to your blog from the start, it will be more difficult to generate more sales with this content marketing strategy. This means your headlines need to grab attention and encourage Internet users to click on the link and read more. Working with a content writer from a blog content provider can help you choose the right words for your headline.

You and Your

When most people are looking for information online, they want blog posts that appeal to their own needs. For this reason, one of the most important words to implement into your headlines is “you” or “your.” These words speak directly to the readers and tell them the information contained in the post is meant for them. Even if you aren’t writing directly to a specific user, it still offers the illusion that you were thinking of them when you or your content writer created the post. It also adds that personal touch many consumers are looking for when they search for a company to fulfill their needs.


The word “this” may seem insignificant when you think of the words you may use in your headline, but it is an extremely important piece of the puzzle. When you use this word to express an idea to your readers, you are narrowing down your subject to something more specific, giving a concrete aspect to your post. “This” indicates something is attainable to your readers and gives them a sense of immediacy they don’t get from other words.

What, Which and When

One of the best types of headlines to reach your target audience is to ask them a question that piques their interest in finding out the answer. However, you shouldn’t use just any question words. “What,” “Which” and “When” are the top question words to use in your headline. When you ask your readers a question, they are more likely to click the blog post to read more. Make sure your blog content provider answers the question thoroughly in your content to avoid disappointing your readers. If they click on a blog expecting to find an answer to the question and they don’t find it, they are less likely to visit your site again.


Yet another question word, “why” actually shows your readers what you want to tell them and why it is important for them to listen up. “Why” blog posts typically tell a story and explain to readers why the information contained within is important to them. Using this word as part of your blog title, particularly at the beginning, sparks curiosity in your readers and increases the chances they will read the blog post.

The Most

When you start a blog headline with the words “the most,” you are establishing yourself as an authority on the subject the blog post addresses. In addition, this phrase is popular because it makes the reader wonder what you think is the most important versus what they think. It makes them ask questions and evaluate how much you know about the subject at hand. If you can prove your expertise, you will win over readers and convert them into customers.

How To

Many individuals now turn to the Internet to find out how to do something. When you use “how to” in the title of your blog posts, you are telling readers what you will teach them in your content. Your content writer will go into greater depth on this subject and give them the information they have been searching for. One of the most important goals of your content marketing plan is to give your readers answers to their questions and the information they seek.

Your blog is your method of communicating directly with your readers. However, first you need to be able to attract them to click on your blog posts to read them. In order to do this, it is important to determine which words are the most effective for your titles. Working with your content writer from a blog content provider will ensure you create compelling headlines that attract more readers to your site, helping you generate more sales and build your business online.

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