Explainer Videos: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Videos are important for your content marketing.
A web content service can help you create videos.

When most companies think of hiring a website content provider, they think of the written content that provides Internet users with the information they want. However, the Internet world is constantly changing, requiring companies to keep up with the latest trends to be successful. Today, one of the most up and coming options for web content is explainer videos. These videos are short productions that offer information on a company or the products they offer. To improve your success online, make sure your web content service offers this feature.

The Internet Has Evolved Rapidly

Before the millennium turned over, the Internet was still relatively new and could only be accessed from the comforts of home, at work or at school. There were no mobile devices and not everyone had access to websites. At this point, many companies weren’t even sure they needed a website. By 2005, questions switched to the importance of social networking. In just a few short years, video downloads and views exploded as Internet speeds increased and attention spans shortened. Today, videos are one of the most important elements you can add to your website.

The Relevance of Fast Changes

While there is still plenty of room for improvement in the number of people who access videos online, consider the rapid changes that have already taken place. It’s just a matter of time, and a short period at that, before explainer videos will be the norm for business websites. Because these changes take place so rapidly, it is best for companies to take advantage of growing trends as early as possible for the maximum impact. For instance, if you start posting videos before your competitors, your visitors will appreciate it and are likely to stay with you, even after other businesses in your industry start using them.

Google Loves Videos

In addition to appealing to your target audience, your website content provider understands the importance of videos to your search engine results. Google, one of the top search engines on the Internet, places priority status on sites that use videos as part of their online presence. If you aren’t sure how to implement these tools in a way that appeals to the search engines, talk to your web content service. They can help you make the videos you need and post them to your website to boost your search engine rankings.

Users Love to Share

Another important factor in determining what type of content to place on your website is its shareability. Videos can increase the instances of sharing for your website, especially if you implement a social media strategy into your marketing plan. Sharing videos with your readers will encourage sharing them with their friends and family members. This can generate more traffic and sales for your business.

Engage Your Audience

When you ask your website content provider to provide explainer videos for your website, you will be able to engage your audience in new ways. Users who visit a website with videos are more likely to read the rest of the content on the page and take action based on what they read. This is a great reason to add video content to your site.

Appeal to the Fading Attention Span

Unfortunately, the attention span of Internet users seems to be rapidly shrinking. This means you have a much shorter time to appeal to your target audience. It also means they are less likely to read content, especially if it is longer than a few paragraphs. While your web content service can increase the chances of someone reading your content with subheadings, it still may not be enough. In addition to appealing to more people, videos can also help them retain more information than if they had read the same data.

If you aren’t using video yet, it may be time to reconsider. The Internet is constantly evolving, which means your website needs to keep up with these changing trends. Working with an experienced website content provider allows you to learn about these changes more quickly so you can easily implement them into your website. Explainer videos are the latest fast-growing trend, allowing you to show your readers, in addition to telling them about your products and services, increasing your traffic and generating more sales.

Are you interested in adding videos to your marketing plan? Contact us. We can help you create valuable videos that give your readers the information they want in the format they prefer.