How to Identify a Skilled Online Copywriter

A skilled copywriter is an important asset.
Content writers should provide a skill set that helps them create compelling content.

Most businesses don’t have the time or the talent to create all the content they need to fulfill their marketing needs. For this reason, many companies hire a copywriting service so they have access to the content writers they need to create their web content. These copywriters must continually hone their writing skills so they can provide valuable content for your website’s visitors. Here are some tips for spotting a copywriter proficient in creating online content.

 A Skilled Copywriter Should Be:

A Problem Solver

The primary goal of your content marketing should be to increase your sales. However, this doesn’t mean your content writers should solely use promotional language. In fact, focusing on the sales aspect isn’t going to be effective at driving traffic and generating sales. Instead, your copywriting service should focus on telling readers why the products and services you offer are the solution to their problems. Your content needs to explain what’s in it for them.

A Good Listener

When you think of writing, you don’t often think of the art of listening. If you want to know what your readers are looking for, listening is an important part of the process. While you may not physically hear what your potential customers have to say, checking review sites, social media activity and other places where your target audience may leave comments will help you learn what they want. Your copywriting service can then listen to this feedback and create blog articles, social media posts and web page content to fulfill those needs.


The worst thing content writers can do is use excessive words to get your message across. The goal is to give readers the information they are looking for in a clear manner. Keeping language simple and sentences short is the best way to create the valuable content you need. If your content is too long, wordy or complex, visitors won’t continue to read, leaving you with a website that isn’t bringing in more customers.


As a company, it is important to build credibility so readers are more likely to take what you say at face value. A copywriting service can help you show your readers you are trustworthy and can count on you to fulfill their needs. Linking to industry leaders that aren’t competitors and providing valuable information your readers can use are both ways your copywriter can build up your credibility.


Some content writers mistakenly feel they must keep their writing as professional as possible. While this is important to building your credibility and showing readers you are serious about your work, it is also necessary for your copywriter to get excited about the content they are writing and allow that excitement to show through their work. When visitors see excitement in sharing information with them and content that is there to help them, they are more likely to turn to your company to meet their needs, rather than searching for your competitors.


All aspects of your content marketing should persuade your readers to take action based on the information you provided. This is often done in the form of a call to action. This short paragraph at the bottom of a landing page, blog post or web page tells your readers what you expect them to do. If your content writers portrayed the information in an engaging, enticing manner, it is easier to get your visitors to follow through with your requests. Without this call to action, your readers may treat your content as informational and take action somewhere else instead.


Copywriting isn’t something you learn in a short period of time and exercise with perfection from that point forward. Instead, it is important they keep learning and adjusting their writing skills to benefit your readers and your business. Good content marketing requires monitoring and adjustments to fit the current business climate and up-coming trends in your field.

Whether you hire a copywriting service or you complete your content writing on your own, you need to learn how to recognize effective copywriting to best meet the needs of your target audience. Keeping your content focused on your customers and providing them with the information and guidance they need will keep them coming back to read more. The more effective your content, the more sales you will generate.

If your copywriter doesn’t possess all of these attributes or you need help writing your content, contact us. We can create compelling web content, articles and blog posts that drive traffic and generate sales.