Internal Linking: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Web content writers should be familiar with internal linking.
Your content writing service can help you create proper links.

When you put together a website, you need to make it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl your website. One of the easiest ways to lead the spiders through your site is to use internal linking. A content writing service trains their web content writers to use links to lead from one web content page to another relevant page on the site. This easy navigation also benefits your readers, giving them a simple way to find other pages of interest.

Create Plenty of Content                       

In online marketing, content is king. This means the more content you have, the better your chances of improving your search engine rankings. It also creates the ideal opportunity for internal linking. Every page on your website will lead to several others. When you have a lot of content on your website, there are plenty of places to lead your readers and the search engine spiders.

Use Anchor Text

It may seem as if the position of your links would have little impact on your success. However, this is one of the most important aspects of internal linking. All links should be hyperlinked within your content, using your keywords as your anchor text. Because the search engines pay special attention to the anchor text, choosing your keywords will help you boost your search engine rankings. Because your goal is to make it easier for your target audience to find you, the words you link to are almost as important as where the links lead.

Choose the Right Links

It can be tempting to link to the basic pages on your website, but this is not the most effective linking strategy. In fact, it is important to avoid linking to your homepage and your contact us page. While it is okay to link to these pages occasionally, it is more important to link deeper into your website. In addition to avoiding these pages, your web content writers should also avoid any pages that are already present in your navigation menu. The goal is to draw your readers further into your website.

Provide Value to Your Readers

Your content writing service should understand the importance of providing value to your readers. While the quality of the content is the easiest way to do this, the quality of your links is also important. When readers click on links within your content, they expect to be taken to another page with valuable information. If your links don’t fulfill their expectation, you could drive your readers away.

Keep It Relevant

In addition to providing value to your readers, your links should be relevant. Consider the topic of the current webpage and choose links to other pages with similar or related topics. Talk to your content writing service to ask them to help you find the most relevant pages. The stronger the connection between the two pages, the more effective your linking strategy will be. Just like any other area of your content marketing strategy, making sure everything is related will provide the outcome you need.

Don’t Overdo the Links

When you are trying to build internal links for your web content, the most significant questions is how many links are appropriate. The answer to this question can be quite complex. Your content writing service can help you make this decision. Their web content writers are experienced with determining the right number of links to include in each of your content pieces. While there is no right or wrong answer, the consensus is typically no more than 100 links. However, this count includes headers, footers and any other navigation links on the page.

Internal linking is an effective marketing strategy when used correctly. When visitors come to your page, they are looking for information. It is up to you to guide them through the website to find answers to their questions. When your content writing service and web content writers create effective content with the right links, you will generate more traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

If you are looking for help with your internal linking, contact us. Our content writers can help you use the right links to lead visitors and search engine spiders through your site.