Press Releases Should Be Part of Your Social Media Campaign

Increase your social media following with press release writing.
Press release writing services can help you build your social media following.

Most companies recognize the importance of using social media as part of their marketing campaign. However, press releases are often just as important. While older methods of writing and distributing press releases are no longer relevant, you can still use these documents to provide valuable information. When you work with a press release content provider, you can find the ideal balance between these content pieces and your social media, helping you reach your target audience with the information they seek.

Optimize Your Press Release for Social Media

Press release writing services understand the unique requirements of creating press releases that appeal to your social media audience. Older types of press releases were designed to simply offer information to a target audience, particularly the media. They didn’t use an appealing format because they were for informational purposes only. Today, however, press releases are designed to appeal to your target audience, as well as provide the information you want to share with the world.

One of the best ways to make your press release more appealing and optimize it for social media is to implement other types of Internet content directly into the release. For instance, if you create a video that offers additional information related to your release, embed it into the content or link to it. You can even upload pictures and add them to your press release to add that personal touch and make your press release stand out from the ones distributed by your competitors.

Promote Your Press Release

Your press release content provider can use your press release information and create other informative content, such as blog posts and website content. Once you create a valuable content piece in a format that will appeal to your target audience, you can then ask your press release writing services to create a related press release to promote that content. The release can include a link to the location of the content piece so you can lead more people directly to it and build links at the same time. When you post a link to your press release on your social media sites, it will create even more buzz.

Consider Implementing a Contest

Many businesses have seen the power a contest can have over your target audience. When they have a chance to win something they can use, they are more likely to do what you ask, such as “like” your social media posts or follow you. While this can help you build a following on social media, it can also be a useful tool when it comes to your press releases.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this strategy is to select a prize. It should be relevant to the content of your press release and be something your readers want. However, there are other options as well. Some companies have the budget to offer a tablet, giving their followers the ability to share even more content. You must then determine the rules for winning the prize. Make sure the contest itself relates to your business to generate more interest. Once you have everything set, ask your press release provider to create and distribute a release that promotes the event. The more attention your contest gets, the more people will visit your business, increasing the chances of more conversions.

If you work with press release writing services, you will boost your success online, giving you the opportunity to reach more people and share valuable information about your company. While press releases were once the best way to share information with the media and other advertising outlets, they are now a good method of reaching out to your target audience. With a vast number of distribution channels available online, more consumers are reading these releases to find out important information from their favorite businesses. When you combine your press releases with social media, you can expand your reach and find new ways to share important information.

If you need help with creating attractive, compelling press releases, contact us. Our writers are ready to help you create and distribute releases that will effectively reach your target audience.