Keyword Research: Where to Start and How to Make the Best of It

Keyword research is a powerful tool blog content writers use.
Find content writers who can help you perform keyword research.

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of a successful online presence. This is how your customers will find you. While search engine optimization, or SEO, has changed drastically over recent years, you still need to find content writers who are able to perform this keyword research and help you make the right choices. The best content writers know how to find great keywords and effectively implement them into your content.

A List of Topics

The first thing you should do is create a list of topics you want to cover on your website. These topics should answer common questions your customers may have and other information they may be looking for. This list of topics can help you generate a list of keywords to start with. Beyond those keywords, you need to perform the proper research to determine which words and phrases are likely to generate the level of success you want.


Before you complete any official keyword research, it can be helpful to brainstorm the types of keywords you think should be used. You know your business better than anyone and can help your blog content provider pinpoint great options. To create an initial list of potential keywords, consider what words your customers would use to lead to your website’s services or products, as well as which keywords you are already using on your website and blog. This will create a preliminary list.

Narrow Down Your List

Certain keywords are better than others based on the number of competitors you face. For this reason, it is often best to eliminate any vague keywords likely to show up on your website, along with thousands of others. Longer keyword phrases, known as long-tail keywords, are often preferred because you will be competing against fewer websites. In addition to getting rid of vague keywords, consider eliminating any keywords that aren’t as strong and are less likely to generate the type of leads and conversions you need.

Check Out Your Competitors

Another valuable method of keyword research is to look at what your competitors are ranking for and which keywords they are using. The Internet offers many keyword research tools, some of which are free, to show you what keywords appear on other websites. Search for your closest competitors and consider targeting the same or similar keywords on your own website. This will help you remain competitive in your industry. Talk to your blog content provider about how use these tools.

Competitive Keywords

It may seem counterproductive to focus on the most competitive keywords, but the best content writers understand the importance of meeting your competitors head on. When using online keyword research tools, pay attention to the total number of searches each word or phrase generates. The higher the number of searches, the better it will be to rank for that keyword. The goal is to find the relevant keywords capable of driving more traffic to your website.

Find the Best Content Writers

When you find content writers, make sure you choose a company that offers keyword research as part of their content packages. Some businesses feel they can complete this task on their own but find they don’t know where to start or how to choose the most effective keywords. Working with a blog content provider willing to help you with this tasks will improve your results and help you generate the traffic you want.

Keyword research is an important tool every business should use to ensure they are making the most of their online presence. Unfortunately, unless you find content writers who can help with this important task, you could be missing out on significant levels of traffic. Today’s content marketing relies heavily on choosing the right keywords to stay competitive and increase the number of customers you convert. The best content writers can help you focus your content on the most effective keywords, helping you generate more traffic and gain more leads.

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