What Is Google’s +Post Ads and Do You Need Them?

Ask your blog writer about the latest web technology they use.
A blog content provider should keep up with the latest advertising methods to help your business.

Most people are already familiar with Google+ and how it can be used for business and personal purposes. However, there are other tools Google has now released to allow companies to make the most of their advertising online. A blog content provider can help you create and post your ads for the biggest impact on your target market. It can also be used to promote the content your blog writercreates.

Access to Google+ Followers

Today, there are more than 1,000 followers on Google+ who have signed up for shared endorsements. This gives them access to the new Google +Post ads. While many companies already use Google+ to promote their content, the same content can be promoted through the ads. This means you can use it for simple text updates, videos, photos and even Hangouts. This gives you a much larger reach than you could otherwise obtain through your Google+ account.

How Does It Work?

Understanding how these ads work will help you determine if it is the right option for your company. When your blog writing services create content to promote on your Google+ account, you can choose to promote that same content through paid ads that appear on relevant third-party sites. These ads go through the Google Display Network, which can be managed through Google AdWords. In addition to allowing anyone to see these ads and thereby boosting your exposure, those who are currently logged in to Google when they view the ad can share it through +1. Links are also clickable, giving users a seamless experience.

Why Should You Consider It?

If you aren’t currently using Google+ or Google +Post ads, you should consider testing it out to determine how well it will work for your target audience. However, this advertising method doesn’t conform well to the same techniques used in other aspects of advertising. First, it is important to determine which types of content created by your blog content provider is seeing the most success among your viewers. It is important to make sure you only promote content interesting to your readers.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Content

In addition to choosing quality, informative content to share with your readers, don’t forget to ask your blog writer to optimize it fully. For instance, using images and videos are a great way to attract attention. Your blog writing service should also help you create compelling content Internet users want to read, with a clear call-to-action and following the Google +Post format to ensure the best possible impact on your prospective customers. In general, shorter ads have a higher click-through rate, increasing the odds of converting more visitors into sales.

Similar to Facebook Ads

Many businesses have already jumped on the bandwagon of Facebook ads. The Google +Post ads are designed to compete with these ads on a much larger scale. Instead of limiting your audience to Facebook, you will be able to reach more users across the Internet. In its early stages, this method of advertising uses AdWords to determine where the ads will post and how you will reach your target market. However, in the future, changes will be made, allowing you to be more selective in the audience you are able to reach.

A Useful AdWords Extension

AdWords has long been used by businesses to effectively reach their target audience through search results. Today, a blog content provider can create quality content you want to share with the world. Because AdWords is more restrictive in its platform, this is difficult through this method of advertising. Instead, you can supplement your AdWords campaign with a Google +Post ad campaign to share your best content with more prospective customers.

Reaching your target audience requires you to adapt to the changes in Internet marketing trends. Blog writing services can often help you determine which methods are best and how to more effectively use them to reach your target market. Google +Post ads are the newest option available through Google and give you a new way to showcase your best content. Understanding how this type of marketing works with the content your blog writer already creates will help you determine if this is the ideal way to reach your customers and prospects.

If you are interested in trying Google +Post ads for your business, contact us. Our blog writers can help you create compelling content you want to promote.