Increase Your Viewership by Adding Video to Your Online Marketing Plan

Learn how video can enhance your marketing plan.
Video can be a valuable tool to use in your business marketing plan.

Your marketing plan needs to consider the needs and wants of your target audience. One of the best ways to do this is to include video in your strategic marketing plan. Many users want information quickly and easily and don’t have the attention span to read through lengthy content. For this reason, content writers for hire can often help you implement video into your business marketing plan to increase your viewership.

Why Should You Use Video?

Video is one of the newest elements for any online marketing plan. Unfortunately, many companies are nervous about making this an important part of their business marketing plan. They feel it is too difficult; however, many content writing companies include video marketing in their list of available services. This is because it is such an important factor in reaching your target audience.

Many Internet users have a short attention span and won’t reading through long blog posts or site content. They want answers to their questions as quickly as possible. With the popularity of YouTube and other online video sites, this is often the preferred medium for gathering information, especially among younger people. Video also allows you to get more creative in your advertising, helping you set yourself apart from your competitors. Check out other video benefits:

  • Improve search engine visibility
  • Engage your site visitors
  • Generate more conversations
  • Reach a new audience
  • Demonstrate your products

An Inexpensive Option

It may seem like video would be a costly option to add to your strategic marketing plan. On the contrary, it is often one of the most affordable types of content and can provide a large return on your investment in comparison to other marketing methods. Many videos are short and concise, which means you don’t need to spend a lot of time on them. Content writers for hire typically charge based on the length of the piece, which means short videos can save money. These videos can also be used on free sites, like social media and video sites, and can easily be created with many devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Connect on an Emotional Level

One of the most important reasons to add video to your online marketing plan is to help you emotionally connect with your customers. Today’s consumers want to work with a company that treats them as a person and understands what they need. Your videos will speak directly to viewers, helping them feel like they are important to you. Storytelling is one of the best ways to make this emotional connection. Video is the preferred method of effectively telling a story that touches your readers in new ways. You can even use video to creatively thank your customers for their business or spread other important messages to a specified segment of your audience.

Engage Them for a Longer Period of Time

The longer you keep your viewers engaged, the more likely they are to develop a sense of trust in your business. Video can be one of the best ways to entice your visitors to spend more time on your website. If they enjoy one video, they are more likely to click to another page on your site to learn more; however, video isn’t the only element in attracting and keeping their attention. Having an array of content types in your business marketing plan will help you keep readers on your page for longer, increasing the chances they will make a purchase.

Video marketing is one of the most effective methods of reaching your target audience and increasing sales. When you consider content writers for hire, make sure they use video as part of your strategic marketing plan. This plan should implement a variety of content types, including video, to reach your audience on an emotional level and engage them for a longer period of time. This method of reaching your target audience has a vast number of benefits, making it an important part of any marketing plan.

If you are looking for a company that includes video as part of their inbound marketing packages, contact us. We can help you put together informative videos that educate your viewers and answer their questions.