Reasons to Use a Web Content Provider to Update Your Company’s “About Us” Page

Create a compelling "About Us" page with a web content provider.
A web content provider can help you create a better “About Us” page.

What are the first things many consumers want to know about a company? They want to feel confident a company can satisfy their needs and provide the products or services they desire. Therefore, one of the most important pages on your website is the “About Us” page. Even if you already have one, hiring a content writer from a web content provider can help you give this page an important facelift. With quality website content on your “About Us” page, you can build your reputation and show your customers they can rely on you.

Tell Your Story

Consumers are often genuinely interested in your backstory. They want to know how your company started, how far it’s come and what your background is. This content can feed their curiosity and show them your passion for your field. When they read the information created by website content services, they should feel as though they know more about you when they are done. This personal touch can go a long way toward creating a solid foundation for your future relationship. Today’s consumers are looking for a company with which they can have a long-lasting relationship.

Talk about Your Employees

You rely on your employees every day so why shouldn’t your customers know more about them? A good web content company will help you create profiles for your most important employees, giving your website visitors insight into the inner workings of your company. Your customers will be able to put a face to a name and learn important information about the people with whom they interact. This is your chance to showcase what your employees can provide to your customers.

Share Your Vision

Some people want to know what a company stands for and what they want to accomplish before choosing them. Ask your web content provider to include a short overview of your vision and a concise mission statement explaining what your company strives to do. This will help your customers connect to you on another level, especially if they share the same vision.

Consider Infographics

Infographics are a big part of online marketing today. In fact, many website content services can create these as a part of their packages. The reason these images are so popular is they give website visitors a fast way to obtain a large amount of information. Putting together a quality infographic to add to your “About Us” page can be a valuable tool in driving more traffic and enticing more visitors to become customers. Be sure the information you share is relevant to your company and provides answers to your viewers’ questions.

Make It Easy to Share

Almost everyone is using social media these days and they want an easy way to share their favorite companies with family and friends. You can make this task even easier for your customers by including social media sharing icons on your “About Us” page. If you don’t already have them, talk to your web content company about where they should be placed and why. They can help you make the best decisions to appeal to your target market.

Try a Multimedia Approach

Today’s Internet users have a much shorter attention span, making video the hot method of providing information in an easy, concise manner. If you want to get creative with your “About Us” page, consider taking a multimedia approach. Create a short video explaining who you are, what your company offers and why your customers choose you. Posting this video, along with the rest of your quality website content, will help you reach even more prospects.

Your “About Us” page is likely one of the most visited pages on your website. This is because most people want to get a feel for whether they can trust a company before becoming a customer. Therefore, it’s up to you to transform your old “About Us” page into one that attracts more visitors and provides the valuable information your readers want. Your web content provider can put your content writer to work, renovating this important piece of website real estate to make your company more appealing.

If you are looking for a web content company to help create a compelling “About Us” page, contact us. Our experienced team of writers can help you start building the customer relationships you rely on.