Tips to Tell How Fast Your Blog Traffic Is Growing

Does your blog content provider help you gauge your success?
Your blog content provider can help you determine your success.

Do you know if your blog traffic is growing and if it is, how fast? You may create blog content or hire a content writing company to add a steady flow of new content to your blog. While this is the best way to generate the level of success you want, your blog content provider should use analytical tools to help you identify growth in your blog readership. This will help you tailor your blog strategy to further increase traffic and sales.

DIY to Track Success

There are many tools an article writing company can use to track your blog’s success online. Before you hire a company to help you, it is important to find out which analytical tools they use and how often they provide reports. While online analytical tools can be helpful, they aren’t always required to judge how well your blog is doing. If you want to do it yourself, here are the steps to track your progress:

  • Export your monthly traffic to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Graph the data on a scatter plot
  • Set your trendline options
  • Evaluate different options for the best-fit line to determine which one most accurately represents your traffic numbers

This graph will help you identify trends in your blog visitors so you can make appropriate changes to your strategy. A quality content writer will cater to your needs, even when you make changes.

What to Track

While determining how many visitors your blog gets on a regular basis is an important piece of information, there are other factors you should track as well. Your blog content provider wants to give you the quality content you need to attract visitors and keep them coming back to your blog. Learning what you should track will help you identify weaknesses so your content writing company can help you strengthen them.

Visitors Sources

Your blog visitors will find you through a number of avenues. If you focus on search engine optimization, chances are a portion of your visitors will come from search engines; however, there are many other sources that may appear in your analytics, including your social media sites, your own website and anywhere else your links may appear. Finding out where your visitors are coming from can help you identify which areas of your marketing plan deserve the most attention.


An article writing company can provide landing pages to which your blogs can link. These pages are designed to provide valuable information to your readers and encourage them to fill out the form on the page. When a visitor fills out the form, their information is automatically added to your database. These are your leads. Because those who fill out the form are more likely to convert into sales, you will build a list of qualified leads you can cultivate into loyal customers.


In addition to leads, subscribers to your blog can be a solid indicator of its performance. The number of people who subscribe directly to your blog can show you exactly how many loyal readers you have. Some companies don’t worry about how many subscribers they have because they know they get visitors from other locations as well. While a one-time reader can become a customer just as easily as someone who has read your blog for years, statistics show loyal readers are more likely to become repeat customers.


Your blog content provider should work by your side to help you increase your blog’s success. While you can check some of the data yourself, a content writing company may have access to additional tools that can give you a better perspective on how well your blog is performing.

quality content writer can keep your blog filled with informative content to attract and maintain readers; however, if you aren’t tracking the success of your blog, you may be making mistakes that cost you visitors. An article writing company will use the right analytical tools to determine what you can improve so you can drive qualified traffic to generate more sales.

If you are looking for a content writing company to help you evaluate your blog traffic, contact us. We use the latest analytical tools to track the success of your blog.