What Works Best for Generating Leads: Organic Keywords or PPC?

Ask your article writing company about the best way to generate leads.
An article writing company can help you use PPC or organic keywords to generate traffic.

Are you overwhelmed by the different marketing strategies available? Finding the right one for your business can often be a difficult task. When you outsource article writing to a blog content copywriter, it’s important to understand the different methods so you can make the best choice. In most cases, the decision between organic keywords and pay-per-click (PPC) is a personal one; however, your article writing company can help you determine which is the best route to help your business grow.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

PPC advertising often involves a variable cost because of the way it works; however, you can set limits on how much money you spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The first thing you need to determine is how many keywords you want to use, as well as how much those keywords cost. Once your copywriting service helps you evaluate these factors, you can more easily calculate the potential cost of using PPC advertising. In most cases, you will only pay for the number of times potential customers click on your ads, instead of each time they appear in the search engine results. This can improve your return on investment because you will only pay for people who are interested in your products or services, which can improve the number of conversions resulting from your advertisements.

Can You Do Your Own PPC?

Hiring a copywriting service to handle your PPC marketing plan may seem unnecessary because all you need to do is create ads to appear in the search engine results; however, there’s more to this strategy than creating attractive advertisements. You must also choose the right keywords and pay attention to your analytics to determine whether your current plan is working or if changes are needed. You should also closely evaluate your competitors to help you stand out from the crowd. This type of strategy is often best left to the professionals.

How Much Does Keyword and Other SEO Services Cost?

Search engine optimization (SEO) services often have steady costs that depend on the amount of content you receive from your article writing company on a regular basis. In addition, you also need to consider how long it may take for an effective SEO strategy to create the results you want. An SEO plan often takes a longer period of time to generate more traffic, depending on how often your blog content copywriter consistently creates fresh, informative content. The good news is many of the visitors who find you through these organic search results have a high chance of conversion. When you outsource article writing, you will generally pay for a package consisting of a specified number of blog articles, site content and social media posts every month.

Can You Research Your Own Keywords?

SEO isn’t a difficult concept for those who take the time to research and practice the strategies. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you can make strides toward better keyword research without assistance. Once you develop a steady flow of income, however, copywriters for hire can be your best option for furthering your search engine optimization. As your business grows, you may find you no longer have the time to dedicate to creating quality content to inform and educate your readers. This is often one of the primary reasons companies outsource article writing.

How Long Does Each Strategy Take?

One of the most important factors to help you determine whether PPC or organic keywords are the right choice is how long it takes to generate more traffic. For the most part, PPC will generate more traffic almost immediately because the advertisements will begin running on the search engines right away. You don’t have to move up the ranks. Organic keywords, on the other hand, often take  months to create the movement you want. While this can be frustrating, the results are well worth the wait. Actually, these two strategies work well together. PPC can boost web traffic quickly, while your organic keywords are more for long-term ranking.

Choosing between PPC and organic keywords may seem like a difficult choice, but it is more of a personal preference. If you still aren’t sure which method will provide the type of results you want, talking to your copywriting service can help you make the final decision. A good article writing company can help with both options and has the experience to help guide your thought process. Whether you choose PPC, organic keywords or a combination of the two, you can drive more traffic and build your business online.

If you are looking for an article writing company to help with your PPC campaign or organic keywords and other SEO services, contact us. We can help you develop a lead acquisition strategy that works for you.