Don’t Sacrifice Your Google Rankings by Making These 6 SEO Mishaps

Website content writing services help you avoid common SEO mishaps.

With the quickly changing algorithms, you need to stay on top of the latest in search engine optimization to keep your business ranking well. This is why many companies hire website content writing services to develop their new content. Website content writing riddled with SEO mishaps won’t provide the results you want. In fact, if your site isn’t filled with quality web content, you will find your rankings drop quickly.

1. Duplicate Content

Most website owners are aware it isn’t appropriate to copy and paste content from another similar site to their own. While this is a technique many web content writing companies avoid, some businesses think it’s okay to duplicate content from one page on their own site to another. In most cases, only a small portion of the content is copied, such as a short paragraph at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, this can often trigger many of the same duplication issues as copying content from another website. Asking your website content provider to rewrite any duplication will resolve the issue.

2. No Updated Content

When you turn to website content writing services for quality web content, you may think the job is done; however, search engines constantly send out their spiders to check websites for new content. Those with newer information are more likely to rank better than those that have the same content for years. For this reason, web content writing companies recommend replacing your site content on a regular basis. Updating your content will ensure you maintain the search engines’ attention and keep or improve your rankings.

3. Quantity over Quality

In the past, it was necessary to write toward the search engine requirements if you wanted your website content writing to improve your rankings. Today, this is no longer necessary. Using keywords is still essential, but you no longer have to make sure you use a specific density. Instead, search engines are looking forquality web content that provides valuable information to readers. Therefore, you need a website content provider that can help you write to your audience instead. Quality is more important than quantity.

4. Too Many Links

Backlinking is an effective way to help visitors navigate through your site and to showcase your business as a leader in the field. Before you start adding a lot of links to your web content writing, it’s important to understand fewer is often better. While it’s important to link keywords to both onsite and offsite content that can provide valuable information to your readers, too many links will clutter the page and make your site unappealing to the search engines.

5. No Social Presence

Today’s businesses must use social media as part of their marketing plan if they want to reach the largest portion of their target audience. Website content writing services often offer social media services to help you build your social presence and reach out to those who are likely to need your products or services. If you aren’t already using social media, it’s important to set up an account and start promoting your new blog posts and other important information to your followers.

6. Slow Loading Speeds

When you want to provide a long list of information to your readers, it is tempting to load up the pages with text, images and more to create an attractive site packed with facts your readers are looking for. Unfortunately, this often makes the page load slower. Even though many Internet users now access the web through high-speed Internet providers, they want sites to load almost instantly. If it doesn’t, you risk losing visitors who will look for a site that loads more quickly.

Hiring web content writing companies becomes important if you want your audience to find you. While you can perform search engine optimization on your own with the right research and a little hard work, a web content provider can be a powerful asset for avoiding the most common SEO mishaps. If you are making these or other SEO mistakes, you may not be maximizing your reach or the sales you generate online.

If you are looking for a company to help with your website content writing, contact us. We can help you avoid making these common SEO mistakes to improve your rankings.