How Can I Tell If My PPC Ads Are Paying Off?

Ask your copywriter service to help with your marketing.
A copywriter service can help you manage your PPC campaign.

Do you know whether your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is worth what you’re spending? Hiring content writers to handle your PPC campaign is one of the best ways to determine whether your marketing efforts are worth the cost; however, your copywriter service must first understand how to evaluate success through this platform. One of the most effective tools website content services can use is the click-through rate. This rate refers to the number of people who see your ad versus the number of clicks each ad receives. While a click-through doesn’t always equal a sale, it is an important measure of your potential success.

An AdWords Campaign

AdWords is a popular advertising method for many businesses. If your copywriting services use this method of advertising, they will create ads that appear on relevant websites. Each time these ads appear, you will be charged when visitors click on it. The typical click-through rate you should strive for on this platform is two percent. While the number of clicks can vary, this should reflect your average rate. If it is lower, your copywriter service may need to adjust your advertisements to make them more effective. Banner ads are the least effective of your options on this platform.

Video Ads

Video ads may be a new advertising tool, but they are quickly gaining ground among Internet users. In fact, many companies are choosing video for their blogs and their site content. Today, more online visitors are likely to prefer video content than reading through information. When you are hiring content writers to create your video ads, you should expect these advertisements to get about one to two percent click-throughs. As video becomes more popular, this rate may increase.

Email Campaigns

Another popular option for businesses is email advertising. If your PPC campaign works to generate leads for your business, the number of clicks your emails generate can give you a solid view of whether your email marketing is successful. When you send out your emails, you can expect a certain percentage of individuals to open the email. The goal is to get these recipients to click on the links contained inside the email. In general, you should expect a click-through rate of 20 percent on emails. If your numbers are lower, your website content services should reevaluate your strategy and your content.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads can also work on your PPC platform. These ads appear along the sides of social media sites, such as Facebook, and are designed to offer relevant advertising to users. Unfortunately, many people typically ignore these advertisements, making them a fairly ineffective method of reaching your target audience; however, if you choose social media advertising as part of your PPC campaign, you can expect a click-through rate of about 0.25 percent. Because of its low return, this method of advertising is often the first one companies eliminate.

Keep in Touch with Your Copywriting Services

Understanding the click-through rate and how each of your PPC advertising platforms are performing can help you make the right choices for your future advertising efforts. A copywriter service can provide the information you need to evaluate the success of your online marketing and make the necessary adjustments to improve their performance.

When you are thinking about hiring content writers to handle your PPC marketing, it’s important to know how to evaluate your success. Many companies simply implement a PPC campaign and ignore the results; however, when you are spending a lot of money on your marketing efforts, you need to know how well each aspect of your plan is doing. Using click-through rates can help you determine if your PPC advertising is as effective as it needs to be.

If you need help managing your marketing campaign, contact us. Our copywriting services can provide the advertising you need for better click-through rates.