How to Increase Lead Quality from Your Pay-per-Click Campaign

Bring in better leads with an effective marketing plan.
Your marketing plan should generate qualified leads.

Focusing on the number of leads your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign generates may seem like a good measure of success, but inbound marketing services indicate it’s the number of sales you achieve that matters. As you create your inbound content strategy, it’s critical to learn how you can increase the quality of your leads. After all, if your marketing plan doesn’t attract consumers who are likely to turn into customers, it won’t generate the level of success you expect.

The Definition of Qualified Leads

Before you create content for the web, it’s important to determine what your definition of a qualified lead is. This will also help you determine your success once you put your content marketing ideas into practice. For instance, some businesses see a qualified lead as anyone willing to fill out a form to provide contact information. Others define a qualified lead as someone who makes a purchase on the first visit on the website. For some businesses, this definition can change depending on the day of the week or time of the month. Inbound marketing services can help you develop the right definition for your business.

Focus Your Keywords

When you ask any business which keywords are best for their industry, the first words that come to mind are often broad keywords that could apply to any number of similar businesses. Because these keywords are broad, they can be extremely difficult to rank well on the search engines. Your inbound marketing content strategy should focus on long-tail keywords relevant to your business. These words are often easier to rank for and provide a more effective way of reaching your target audience.

A Call-to-Action Is a Must

Of all the content marketing ideas, a call-to-action can be one of the most important factors in obtaining more qualified leads. Internet users want businesses to tell them what their next course of action should be. If your landing pages, blog posts and other content provide instructions that entice visitors to take further action, they are more likely to generate a higher number of good leads. Be sure your calls-to-action speak directly to your target audience and provide the information they need to make a decision.

The Right Timing Is Critical

One of the most important aspects of PPC marketing is timing. As you explore information relating to your target demographics, you will quickly realize there is a good time of the day, week and even month to more effectively build the qualified leads your business needs. Over time, you will quickly see which of your PPC ads are more likely to generate more clicks, allowing you to focus more on these times. Inbound marketing services have the experience necessary to help you evaluate the data and make the best decisions.

Lead Forms Must Include the Right Information

A lead you obtain through a form on a landing or website page does not always equal an automatic sale. Asking the right questions on a form ensures more of the leads generated are likely to become customers. For instance, make sure certain contact information is required, allowing you or your sales team to make contact. It is also important to ensure the proper formatting is required for fields, such as entering 10 digits for a telephone number or using the correct format for email addresses. You can even create blocks that prevent entering false information, such as area codes with the same three digits.

Building landing pages and other lead generating pages ensures you can bring in more qualified leads. As a business, it’s important to easily determine which of your leads are likely to become customers and which ones aren’t worth the efforts. When you create your marketing plan with inbound marketing services, they will help you increase the chances of obtaining more qualified leads and create the content you need to attract more visitors and generate more sales.

If you are looking for a company to help with your inbound marketing content strategy and pay-per-click campaign, contact us. We can help you develop landing pages with embedded forms and follow-up emails to bring in more qualified leads.